MAC Cosmetic’s Suhoor Look Has Now Become The Latest ‘WTF’ Moment On Social Media


So, if you have missed the MAC cosmetic’s ‘Suhoor Look’, then we feel really bad for you because what else would you want to see? Estee Lauder, the company that owns MAC actually decided to make a cosmetic ad to provide their customer a “step by step” makeup tutorial for suhoor. Yes, SUHOOR.

In the month of Ramzan, people usually go out for Sehri/Suhoor and like to dine out in different places. Otherwise, a vast majority like to have some parathas and chai in their pyjamas and sleep right after they are done with Fajr prayers. So, since the video was out and had a caption “Suhoor look”, people went bonkers over the idea! Like how can people get to have this face full of makeup in Sehri?

Here’s the teaser of the actual video!

Since the original video is removed by MAC Cosmetics, Middle Easts, we’re left with a few photos lingering around the internet.


But people all around the globe had a fit of laughter by comparing the look by MAC to the look they actually have at Suhoor!

But someone took the right insight since the brand did not talk on their behalf. So, this woman told the Twitteratis that “not every ad is for you” The ad was solely made for a very different culture. Since Dubai itself has a culture where Suhoor starts at 9 pm and it’s very festive.



Pretty accurate

Oh, Lord!!

And Twitter was literally flooded with hilarious tweets!!

This guy makes sense!


 And last but not least, here’s what this one woman had tweeted:

And a few others followed.


Well, all these tweets are from all over the world but it’s very relatable to all the Pakistanis. Let us know your thoughts on this. It seems like MAC sure has realized their mistake as they’ve taken down the video, even if they were targeting a specific audience. But then again, not the masses. So, yeah, the campaign was a major fail but we can still appreciate their efforts! *winks* They tried, they tried.

Tag a makeup lover who can’t live without her makeup (even at Suhoor)! LOL.

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