Mehwish Hayat Claps Back At Haters Who Questioned Her Morals Over Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Win And She’s Slaying

Mehwish Hayat Claps Back At Haters Who Questioned Her Morals Over Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Win And She’s Slaying!


Mehwish Hayat was awarded the prestigious ‘Tamgha e Imtiaz’ on the 23rd of March at the Aiwan E Saddar for her achievements in the Pakistani media industry but along with it came a lot of criticism and degrading remarks for the JPNA actress.

In spite of her unsurmountable contribution for Pakistani television and cinema, many in the country could not fathom the concept of Mehwish Hayat getting awarded on a national level with a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for her services and continued to attach degrading labels with her questioning her success.

People began to question her character and integrity

There were polls and votings taken for Hayat to figure out whether she’s worthy of the award!

People also questioned her morals and the choice of government who’s presenting her with the Tamgha e Imtiaz. 

After receiving her award, Hayat shared the below picture on her Instagram expressing how overwhelmed she was with it. She dedicated her award to all the young women who strive to make their dreams come true!

Instagram / Mehwish Hayat

Here’s what she wrote:

However, people continued to lash out on Hayat and expressed loathing towards the Load Wedding actress. As people continued to make Hayat the topic of discussion, she finally clapped back to give everyone a shut up call.

She mentioned how she never wanted to make this a gender thing

Hayat also wrote how women in our industry are treated, and how their ‘morality’ is always questioned.

Right after Hayat shared the above tweet, a response from various renowned names began flooding in for the actress.

Hamid Mir congratulated Hayat on her achievement


Shehzad Roy also wrote that trolls need to prepare themselves for successful women like Hayat

Singer Ali Zafar also congratulated Hayat

Actress Nadia Jamil also expressed her affection towards her

It’s beyond sad that people in Pakistan attempt to bring women down regardless of how far they have come and what they have achieved.

Mehwish Hayat has worked hard to her way to success and her lashing out on people makes sense. It’s high time we as a nation began treating women equal to men and appreciating their achievements rather than making everything about gender and character!

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