Najam Sethi Surprised His Wife In The Best Possible Manner and Mira Sethi Couldn’t Be More Proud Of Him!


Mira Sethi, as everyone knows is a famous actress and model but that’s not just it! Did you know that she studied English and South Asian studies from Wellesley College? Yes, she’s beauty with brains. At her graduation in 2010,  she was a student’s commencement speaker. Plus!! She is a co-author of a book, the Wall Street Journal.

Well, the family she belongs to is very talented and hard-working. Mira is the daughter of the famous journalist, Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin. Not just that but her brother, Ali Sethi is just another big name in the industry! Mira is often seen flaunting her family and showing love. From her Instagram, it shows that she spends a lot of time with her family.

Isn’t this photo too cute to handle?

But recently Mira posted a screenshot from her Whatsapp family group where her dad, Mr.Najam Sethi was seen to be showing love to his wife by washing the pillow covers and bedsheets. Since Jugnu Mohsin was on a trip, Najam Sethi took care of things and told Jugnu to come back since he has made and perfected everything for her. The conversation is actually too cute to handle!

Mira captioned the screenshot with all the love pride:

“He has washed the pillow covers and the bedsheet. Folded neatly on the bed for her. Everything is spotless. For her arrival. #MyFatherIsAFeminist#He’sTryin #KhaanaKhudGaramKaro #PlisNoteBoys”

Here’s the chat!

Wait! WHAT??

Well, this is one hell of a cute family! But Najam Sethi won the game. May they stay blessed and loved! Do we have any Mira Sethi fans? Share some love in the comments below. Cheers. 😉

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