Pakistani Girls Share Hilarious Thoughts When They Saw A Condom For The First Time!


Growing up we all have seen those ads on tv where girls are dancing and jumping on the bed or are too happy in class, singing a very catchy song. *Khush raho alwayyysss* We all have asked our moms or someone at home about the product in the ad. “Yeh kia hai ammi?” And very cleverly our moms have brushed us aside saying jao kam karo apna. But somehow everyone gets to know about these things from a friend who hit puberty before others.

We recently asked girls on how they reacted and the thoughts they first had when they saw a condom. And little did we know, the replies were hilarious!! All of the responses were meme-worthy and that’s when we thought that you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun!

Here are some girls responses upon seeing a condom. *hayee Allah sharam ati hai*

1. “I saw one in a book I used for biology and couldn’t figure out why was it having a small u shaped thing in the front.” *googles it instantly*


2. “Condom seemed weird, scrunched up, dirty, oily bugger.”


3.”I bought one to familiarise myself with how it works. Idk, I was just curious and it pretty much was as I expected.”


4. “Saw once, never again. Never liked it thou”

reaction gif

5.”I saw a condom during my internship at Hospital and it was weird. My first thought was ‘this thing looks and feels so weird – no wonder most people avoid it”

funny gif

What do you guys think? Know any friend who had a kick-ass response? Tag them. Share it with us in the comments below. 😉

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