Pakistani Guys Share Hilarious Thoughts They Had When They Saw A Pad For The First Time


People on the internet have been arguing if we should talk openly about pads and periods or not. While many believe that it is a natural phenomenon and there is no shame in talking about it, others believe that it’s better to keep quiet about certain things. Taking all of this into consideration, we decided to do a survey in order to gauge what exactly is going on every men’s mind and the things that pop up in their heads when we say ‘sanitary pads’

Here how some guys reacted when they saw sanitary napkins for the first time.

1.”I saw it in 8th class, back in 2003. It was in a book. My friend gave it to me for safekeeping”

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2.”Whenever I saw Ads for napkins on TV, I thought it’s  like some sort of a diaper. I always wondered why these young girls have zero control over their bladder.”

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3.”Reminded me of my pamper days. When I got to know that how much it really hurts I looked down and thank GOD for not making me an object”

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4.”I thought that it’s tough to be a girl.” *cries in a corner*

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5. “The closest-ever encounter with pads was when I was buying a shit loads of them for earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan.”  Well, that’s appreciable. Kudos!

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This goes out to show how less these people know about periods and everything that is associated with them. It’s sad how we make everything a taboo and instead of addressing the issue and accepting it as a natural phenomenon, we are always asked to ‘hush hush’ about it.

What do you guys think? Know any friend who had a kick-ass response? Tag them. Share it with us in the comments below.

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