We Asked Pakistanis What They'd Do If They Caught Their Lover Cheating And The Answers Were KAMAAL!


We Asked Pakistanis What They’d Do If They Caught Their Lover Cheating And The Answers Were KAMAAL!


Let’s all be very practical, that these social media has made things very easy. Be it work, friendship, relationship or “cheating”! yes, you heard that right. Cheating it is that we are talking about. Now you must be thinking why mention social media only? Anyone can cheat anytime. Well, social media has made it just a little easier, that’s it! People can keep it a secret and no one would see who’s sliding in your DM’s and what’s being talked about. Friend’s with benefit much?

But what about the time when the person is exposed red handed to the person they are committed!

Cheating is actually breaking a person’s trust in you. The other person believes that the love they are receiving is only theirs and it is not being divided into. Or sometimes it is the case when people can’t leave the person they are already with because they don’t want to hurt them by breaking up! So, they cheat by being in a relationship which is now just a lifeless flower.

We asked people what would they do, they caught their partner red-handed. The answers were hilarious!

1. “Shirk Kisi Bhi Mohobbat Mein Allow Nahi. So, Tata Bye Bye”

Wah bhai wah! Ap ny toh mehfil loot li!

2. “Wait For Karma To Do Its Job”

Sweet karma will do it’s magic and we will wait for the show to began!

3. “Hit Him Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine”

Revenge is a dish best served cold! With the cherry on the top? 😉

4. “I Would Block Her Straight Away And Not Wait For Any Her Dubious Justification… If She Has Any.”

Ahhh! Now we are talking. 😀

5.”Take His Pictures, While He Is At It And Upload It Everywhere”

Vengeance, that it is. Oops! Here it is…

6. “Cut Off His Pe…Pencil”


What would you do if you see your loved one cheating? Revenge? Bloodshed? Ek dum phada? Or just leave the matter as it is? Let us know in the comments below. 😉

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