PIA Just Introduced A New ‘Weight Loss’ Policy And Pakistanis Can’t Help But Say WTF?!


PIA has always had this notorious reputation in the country. In the flock of other domestic companies, it is the only one that has been sustainable and the one that’s been able to bear all the shocks received. PIA has always been good to bag the hottest headlines ever since PIA was bashed for having grumpy air hostesses and delayed flights apparently because some politicians couldn’t make it on time.

But there have been days when PIA has had good days as well! When they greeted and welcomed a couple who came right into their flight from their wedding ceremony. Last year, they even celebrated Basant with their passengers and distributed sweets among them.

In this graph of love hit and hate low that PIA has received, now this one thing that has been circulating over the internet has made everyone crazy.

PIA just announced some rigorous policy for their cabin crew and this is seriously INSANE!

The (in)famous national flag carrier, PIA has actually started their year with some really serious weight loss resolution. They want their cabin crew members to lose some weight and they should start doing it from this month soon.

The notice says that the crew is allowed to have 25lbs excess weight in the first month after this notice has come out. Later, they are asked to reduce further weight and by the end of the 6th month after the notice, there should be no excessive weight.

People are just making fun of PIA! And the internet is sure having a good time

Fit rahyga Pakistan tabhi barhyga Pakistan! Otherwise, we can always change our route to mars, no?

PIA has some hardcore new year weight loss resolutions!

Sem to sem!

So, weight loss is conjoined with manners too! WOW! This news to us.

PIA is bashed for being strict with its crew and the world loses its shit. But how many of us know that other international airlines are VERY strict with their cabin than we can imagine?

Let’s be a little tolerant with PIA maybe. What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments below. Cheers! 🙂

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