Reham Khan Takes A Subtle Jab At Imran Khan And Pakistanis Are Bashing Her Without Any Lihaaz -

Reham Khan Takes A Subtle Jab At Imran Khan And Pakistanis Are Bashing Her Without Any ‘Lihaaz’!


Sometimes one wonders how hard is it to move on from an ex lover or partner. All the posts on Tumblr, Pinterest and so many quotes in the world suggest that people eventually move on, but when it comes to Reham Khan, boy oh boy, that lady is stuck on Imran Khan.

Reham Khan and Imran Khan tied the knot years back. Since then, Imran Khan remarried, became the prime minister of Pakistan and continues serving the nation with passion. On the other hand, Reham Khan’s obsession with her ex-husband seems to have no end.

From writing a book on Imran Khan to posting tweets about him, there is absolute no respect or privacy when it comes to Reham Khan viewing her relationship and marriage with Imran Khan.

On Women’s Day, We Got to See the Same Reham Khan, Throwing Shade at her Ex-Husband

Yep, this hasn’t happened for the first time. Reham Khan threw a lot of shade on Imran Khan when she released a book on him so one can assume the lengths she will take again and again. Women’s Day wasn’t any different for her either.

On a picture taken at women’s day, she wrote the following caption:

“Free as a bird I can fly high….Live as you want not as he wants you to live…Freedom is everything.”

And People Got Pretty Carried Away with the Bashing!


She Made Another Tweet Regarding Marriage and Women Being Forced to Get Married

In Pakistan, much like most of the South Asian societies, a marriage of a woman is stressed more in contrast to her education. Reham Khan said the following on this:

Getting a man & getting married is considered to be the priority for women. Girls marriage is over rated. Get yourself a life first then a man.

And Here’s What Everyone Started Saying AGAIN!

There is nothing wrong in preaching that women should be allowed to complete their studies and fulfill their dreams without the pressure of being married. However, in the first post, taking a jab on your ex is something which Reham Khan could have refrained from doing.

People on social media always share their views that Imran Khan will never react to the shameless tweets Reham Khan makes about him and that perhaps might be the truth as well. Essentially, this is why Reham Khan needs to move on, man.

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