Sadaf Kanwal Says 'No More Item Songs' Because She Is Married & Has A Family Now


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Sadaf Kanwal Says ‘No More Item Songs’ Because She Is Married & Has A Family Now


Model-turned-actress Sadaf Kanwal has refused to do more item songs after getting married to actor Shahroz Sabzwari. She, in a recent interview, said since she was married and had a family, he was more careful about her decisions.

Strange isn’t it? she had a family too even before she got married.

During the interview, Sadaf revealed that she would not be further doing item songs. When she was asked, “Will you do item songs after marriage if offered any?”. To which, she replied, “No! Because I am married now and I have a family.”

She added, “I used to be single before and now I have a family so I will have to be more watchful for my decisions.”

Sadaf performed in an item song Kaif-o-Suroor in the Pakistani movie Na Maloom Afraad. She made her debut in the film industry with that item song. The song created a lot of noise when it was released online. Many criticized the model over her implicit outfit, while many also praised her for the impeccable dance moves.

Pakistani cinema has recently begun to follow the footsteps of Bollywood in springing up item songs in its films. The debates on women’s objectification and sexualization have gathered strength in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Sadaf is facing a lot of flak for marrying Shahroz. She was also tagged as homewrecker after she allegedly destroyed the relationship between Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari.

In her first interview after getting married, the newly-wed couple talked about their chemistry and facing criticisms in a positive manner. “I don’t care what people have to say; in fact, I want them all to say more. Iss tarha mere gunnah dhul jain gay,” said Sadaf.


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