Damn! Sajal Aly Just Gave Munh Torh Jawab To Everyone Questioning Her "Personal" Life


Sajal Aly - Parhlo

Damn! Sajal Aly Just Gave Munh Torh Jawab To Everyone Questioning Her “Personal” Life


It is actually hard to stay away from the spotlight when you are EVERYONE’S favorite! Sajal Aly sure doesn’t need any introduction. There are many reasons why she is loved by many Pakistanis. She’s the lovely daughter that every mother sees in her, a supporting elder sister that every girl wishes to have. In every character that she has played; she puts her soul in it. From being a passionate and sober small town girl to a very lively and joyous lover; she’s done justice to her character.

Her fame caught on from her work in Pakistan but her debut in Bollywood, with the legendary Sridevi, was SPOT ON! Her acting in the movie ‘Mom’ was so marvelous that it made people fall in love with her! She sure got many taps on her back. Kudos1

Sajal Aly is indeed a beauty!

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Another thing for which Sajal is put into the spotlight is *ahem ahem* Okay! You all know about that!

As much as Ahad admires her; we do too! *Giggles*

The on-screen couple first appeared in the drama serial “Yaqeen Ka Safar” and people were head over heels for them.

Here is just one of the Snapchat moments from the sets of Yaqeen Ka Safar!

They have been constantly asked if they are secretly dating! Yay or nay!?

Ahad’s reply to this over repeated question give their fans some hope that he admires her and her acting and he respects her. But he also said that saying anything about any female is not what he’s taught about!

But Sajal Aly too has something to say about it now!

In Hum awards, she said that Ahad is “special” to her! Hayeee

Apart from that, she expressed herself in an interview where she said that artist like her are not questioned for the work they do, but rather many other things.

“I’m an artist. My personal life is not up for commentary. My work is. Please look at what I do as a character, in a film, in a drama. Talk to me about that. Ask me about that. Why did I play a certain character the way that I did? How did this story appear to me? Tell me about that. That’s what people should be asking. Unfortunately, most people don’t ask any of this stuff. And, it’s not just me. They ask a lot of actors really irrelevant and silly questions which have nothing to do with their craft.”

Sajal Aly also said that her personal life is not up for commentary!

She said that people are more interested in the things that are more personal while she is all at the front for any questions regarding her projects and work that she’s working hard for.

For people who love this on-screen couple, another drama is coming soon, and we can’t contain our excitement!

What do you guys think about her stance?

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