Sajal Aly Opens Up About How She Feels About Marriage And People Are Shocked!


From last 20 days, the internet is busy scrolling through the photos of Feroze Khan’s wedding. The festivities had people shocked to see the lavish wedding, while Feroze’s surprise wedding was already a major thing for people to witness because there was no trace on any social media platform that he’s dating someone (other than Sajal) ehm ehm! Well, be careful with that one. Because a long time ago, in an interview, Feroze declared that Sajal and he are not in a relationship but they are good friends…

In the surprise wedding shock, another shock was that people didn’t expect Feroze to marry someone out of the showbiz but they were so sure that Feroze and Sajal will go a long way. But this is not what has happened. Also, people witnessed that they both have deleted each other’s photos from their respective Instagram accounts. Well, well, well!! A recent statement of Sajal has taken the internet by storm!

Here’s what she said…

Her thoughts ?

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Sajal said:

“She said that I’m scared of marriage and the whole rishta parade. Losing your identity for someone your love is wrong.”

With statement o her’s, people did not seem happy at all. Many questioned her opinion on how can someone lose the identity when they get married while others supported her reasoning by saying that maybe she’s not ready and it does take time for some people to be mentally prepared for marriage or the need to have a partner…

Beautiful as always

The pretty damsel is also going to do a very big project soon where she’s sharing the screen with Ahad Raza Mir, Mawra Hocane, Ahsan Khan and Soniya Hussain among many others…

The most awaited drama serial “Aangan”

آنگن ?

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No matter what, some people will always be on her side and support her in every step, well why wouldn’t they?! She deserves all the respect and support from people around her. We have heard many of her co-stars complimenting Sajal as the most dedicated one to her work and projects that she’s a true professional would not compromise her work at all. Kudos to you girl, more power to you! Cheer 😉

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