Here’s Why Our Society Needs To Change Its Stereotype Mindset About Pakistani Working Women And And It Is About Time!


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Society teaches us to discriminate and set a trend that how to judge people. We judge people according to the perspective of society. Society targets a particular section and set a trend that those girls who do a job in offices or companies are characterless and liberal. People blindly follow this trend and now it is fixed in one part or corner of our minds.

People consciously or unconsciously accept this trend and don’t allow girls to do a job in offices. A very small fraction of our society allows girls to do a job in offices and don’t mind. But the majority think that offices or companies are not the right place of a job for girls and society does not give respect to such girls.

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If the girl is sitting in the house does embroidery and stitch then it’s okay or if the girl works as a teacher or doctor it is also okay but when we talk about the girl who works in an office; she is liberal and morally corrupt according to the perspective of society.

Actually, such stereotype thinking is born and developed in a patriarchal society where a man loves his ownership and thinks if his sister, wife or daughter will do a job in office his reputation may be in danger. They think that the office environment is not safe for women which means that a man and a family believe in the girl but not on the environment where she is going to work means office.

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This society sets many examples in front of people that those girls who are working in the offices are abused and sometimes girls themselves get involved in it. But by giving such examples, it is not fair to mislead the entire category. By ignoring the inner intentions of the girls who are working in the offices and by doing a comparison with examples, this society has labeled them faulty and liberal. This society and the people of this society can’t judge them on behalf of foolish perceptions.

Families need to change their views don’t compare their girls with anyone and girls also need to raise their voice regarding this issue. This society needs to change its perspective that instead of labeling and blaming the girls, make the environment of offices and companies safe and make policies for the safety of girls. If a society is misleading the girl, it means that the thinking of society is itself corrupt.

“We need change without any restrictions”

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