The "Dirty Night" Event In Karachi Is Making Everyone Go Nuts And Its Details Are INSANE!


The “Dirty Night” Event In Karachi Is Making Everyone Go Nuts And Its Details Are INSANE!


So, unexpectedly last night scrolling through Facebook we witnessed that someone from the friend list shared a screenshot a group which reads: Dirty Night (Couple Swapping)! This alone was enough to boggle one’s mind. After this, there was another screenshot of the details of the night party. Like what “else” would be there in the party; 4 disco jokey, dance floor, rooms other than couple swapping!

This kind of a party or fun is only heard in films or maybe in some “bahar k mulk” not and never in Pakistan. Well, now the next question that comes is (are there really people who would do this?) now Karachi is THE MOST versatile city to have ever emerged on the face of the earth. Here you’ll find people of all sort and kind, people of all race, ethnicity, tribe, clan, and beliefs; everyone is okay with everyone. Karachi has a “live and let live” attitude in its air. But this happening in Karachi that too for the public is some very surprising. We never know that there could be people doing this for decades but maybe in some private parties and on a small scale but THIS!

Someone on twitter shared the photo of the group after it’s fame of Facebook and people are going crazy with shock!

Can’t say much about if it’s exciting or “cringe” but the people who are organizing have some insane level of optimism

This guy did is a job by calling one of the organizers to see if this really is happening! And boy oh boy IT IS!!

Watch the video and try not to get shocked by it!

There is a dirty couple swapping night happening in Karachi – Danyal Jokhio and I were bored at work so we gave them a callWe went live because Urooj Mughal wanted to listen inThere is a UBL/You come first joke at the end – that joke is my favourite joke by comedian @Faizan Yousafzai, came to me in the moment so said it! Follow his page to follow his comedy! Thanks @Hasan Zia for bringing this to my attention 😛

Posted by Shehzad Ghias on Monday, October 29, 2018



How about this “funny thing” is real?

Lol! Epic boi

Now, people are waiting for the morning of 4th November to see if something comes out this event, to prove that this really happened in Karachi. That Karachi witnessed this and we are not crazy to overact on it!

What do you guys think? Share in the comments below. 😉

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