Here are 9 Things you must NEVER say to a 25-year-old Girl


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Have you felt the happiness when you are finally 20!? We all have, but as women near their the MID 20’s, something finally hits them, they are closer to being in their 30’s. Somewhat of a mid-life crisis hits them and then comes the endless questions. Women in their mid 20’s are not actually adults, they still feel like a 19-year-old but are pushed and loaded with responsibilities.

Below are some of the things you are NEVER to ask or say to a 25-year-old!

1. Are you still 25? I thought you were older.


*sinks into the ground*

2. Why aren’t you married yet? Just marry anyone, you won’t be able to fall in love anymore.


Erm, I was waiting to hear that :/

3. Stop acting like a teenager. You should wear sober colors now, you have halfway through your 20’s


I am not half way through! NO!

4. Why haven’t you learned how to cook yet? What have you been doing all this time?

I know how to cook to survive, SHUT UP!

5. You should start using anti-aging creams. It’s time!


OMG! WHAT WHY!? My skin is fine – runs to the mirror.

6. Why have you started to gain weight, that too before marriage?

I am not gaining weight, I am padding my fragile heart.

7. Aren’t you done with your career already?


I just started, I graduated a couple of years ago. WTF?

8. Kya kerna hai agae parh ker, bas kerdo


I am only doing my Masters, back-off dude.

9. Your inner clock is ticking faster now, you have completed half your lifespan.


I am going to die.

How many of you girls have actually experienced this? Let us know in the comments below!

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