This Guy Tried to Troll Sanam Baloch and Mahira Khan but It Backfired Horribly


Sanam Baloch has been in the recent controversy about her marriage and how it ended or not! Last month some of her fans stalked her enough to realize that she has changed her name on all of her social media accounts from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch. Later to everyone’s surprise, someone mentioned that she has deleted all her photos with her husband. So, last week she released a video in which she gave a “karara jawab” to everyone asking her about her marriage. She said that how about I want to keep my personal life personal and you only ask questions related to my work?! The girl won that day!

The ever beautiful is bold now too! Kudoos

So some guy decided to narrate a story where he was showing off his Audi on the road where Mahira Khan and Sanam Baloch spotted him and asked for a lift, and just when both of them were about to sit he said out you both I haven’t opened the door for you but the old guy coming at the back! But later the actresses requested the guy to take a selfie to which he refused again! WOW! He really must be something then!

After hearing this story Sanam decided to reply back to the guy on how was so upset that she bought her own Audi 😀

Nice competition GIRL

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Now the question is that if she will give a lift to that guy in her Audi or not?

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Damn son! She took it too seriously 😀 Sanam had her comeback now waiting for Mahira to reply to this encounter of hers with this guy. What does she have to say how she was denied of the selfie. Ch ch sed felz

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