An Open Letter To My Ex-Best Friend


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It was a long time ago, but it’s wrong what people say about BFF. They say best friends forever are more like a fairytale… Someone who stays through your good days and also in your bad days. But what I’ve experienced & suffered is strangely quite opposite of that. Sometimes BFF can turn out to be your worst foe.

Looking back now, I realize I’ve been peeking into that deserted alley for the last 3 years, or more accurately, 8 years. Those five years of my life spent with you in school times as “bff” were the dust that was stuck into my eyes which I without any itching was manipulating it.

Today after eight years knowing the fact when I try to keep the level of that dust down it’s nearly impossible for me to avoid it because you know 8 years are A LOT.

Back to our grade 8, the very first meet up we had I remember that very distinctly. I’ve never regretted anything so intensively in my entire life as much as I regret that ONE day. I say this with a very heavy heart. Trust me! You were the one whom I stood with when nobody else did. I was there when you had your worst days at school. My dear Ex-Best Friend, remember how I used to defend you from all the quarrels whether that were between our class friends or seniors or maybe juniors. I remember our Home Economics teacher was getting against us & how she used to plot against us.

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I remember one day when we had PTA(parents teacher meeting) and how she separately filled our mother’s ears. And the next day when I came to class I remember that day very well when our seats were changed, how desperately I wanted to sit next to you, I couldn’t resist myself from gossiping with you. If you remember that day I got a book for you as a gift. I couldn’t wait any longer so I called you & showed you what I got for you. I can never forget that day. You know why? Because that was the first time ever you told me; “Meiney tou bas soch liya k bas ab mei dosti khatam ker dungi. Ma’am ney hamari seats change ker di aur meri mom ko kaha k iski jo bff hai uski sohbat mei ye theek nahi” & on the other hand, our teacher said the same to my mom.

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But I was all cool. Later she also got fine. But those words of yours are still engraved in my heart. I never discussed that with you ever but today as I open up our book of friendship I make sure to discuss all the pages of the chapters. I believe if on that day I had understood & if on that day I would’ve ceased our friendship so I wouldn’t have gone through all the shit that has been between us from past 3 years. (Soon after we finished high school)

Believe me, my heart aches & my eyes shed tears as I write this but I cried, even more, then I went through all your dramas every time. The purpose of sharing this is not that I want to put you down or express any kind of hatred but a gentle reminder that please if you ever read this just remember my advice; “Always value the good friends you’re surrounded by. They’re a precious gem which is rare to find once you lose them never you get them again.

Do not do all the shitty dramas you did with me & how you forced me to keep a distance from you although you had ended our friendship long time before which I understood quite late.

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Soon after school, you made new friends and Oh! I remember a new best friend. Value them before you lose them also. I hope you make up with them honestly. I want to thank you for those 5 years of togetherness in school times at least that time we were together though I wasn’t able to recognize the mask you were wearing earlier but hats off to you for fooling me around! You always used to tell me that you’re  really good at acting & story making but how foolish was I that I always used to consider it as a funny joke of yours. But hey, guess what! You proved it right. Yes, I admit you were very true to your statement. You’re great in acting! That took me a bit longer to understand. On this point, I feel bit lighter, lighter than ever before.

Stop Being Pessimist. Stop Taunting Others and Stop Thinking Of Yourself As Superior to Others. Nobody is DUMB!

I want to say you a good-bye on a happy note because I want you to know this; now even if you bring the whole universe in front me saying that you have changed or you apologize from your heart, so I’m sorry My dear, I won’t be able to trust you again. It’s not only you that I’ve broken my trust on but infact you made me so conscious that I’ll think several times before I trust my other friends. I hope you stay happy ever after and May we never come face to face ever again. Thank you for Nothing! May ALLAH always be with you.

Your Ex-Best Friend.

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