Veena Malik Schools Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh Over PM Imran And She Rocked It!


Veena Malik schools Harbhajan Singh

Veena Malik Schools Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh Over PM Imran And She Rocked It!


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s UNGA’s speech has been marked historical by the Pakistanis as the premier exposed India and the monstrosities being committed in the occupied Kashmir by the Indian army. Moreover, he spoke for the suffering Muslims of IoK and highlighted Modi’s hypocrisy in propagating war by revoking article 370 and carrying out mass human rights violations, openly.

As expected, the Indians were provoked by his speech and prominent Indian figures including Indian cricketers called Imran out and branded his talk as “hate speech”, “war-mongering” and “threatening”. Harbajan Singh, a well-known Indian cricketer took it to Twitter to express his views on Imran Khan’s UNGA speech and didn’t seem pleased.

Harbajan Singh Tweeted:

At UNGA speech, there were indications for India of potential nuclear war. As a prominent sportsperson, Imran Khan’s choice of words ‘bloodbath’ ‘fight to the end’ will only increase hatred between the two nations. As a fellow sportsperson I expect him to promote..peace

He accused Imran Khan of choosing words that only increase the hatred between the two countries and as a sportsperson, he expected more of him. India brought it upon itself by rejected every hand extended forward by Pakistan for peace talks. Modi’s Hindutva extremism is evident and needs to be exposed to the world and Imran being a true leader of not just Pakistan but for all of the Muslims, had to make sure to bring every fact to light.

It was expected for Imran’s followers to snap back at Harbhajan, but an unfamiliar face took the stand and she is known for her bold statements!

Veena Malik takes a dig at Harbhajan and takes the ‘Keyboard-Champion’ title!

Veena’s “Do you understand English?” got to the veteran cricketer and he didn’t sit still. However, Veena’s response sure gives everyone a chuckle, since it is quite epic, to say the least.

PM Imran khan DID talk about peace in his speech. He talked about the reality and the horror that will surly occur when the curfew is lifted and sadly there’s gonna be a bloodbath. He clearly states that it’s not a threat but a fear Don’t you understand English?

Harbhajan takes the ‘English’ comment a little too seriously and tries to insult Veena over her TYPO ‘surly’ which was supposed to be ‘surely’.

Veena Shuts Him Up With A Perfect Knock-Out!

I think the only one that needs to take a chill pill is Mr. Singh. But, all in all, this was an entertaining verbal-spat between the two and Twitter definitely enjoyed it. Moreover, it is high time that the English language is not given this much of attention and credibility as both the nations has come out of the British rule and stand as independent countries.

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