This Viral ‘Baniyaan’ Is Being Sold In Centaurus Mall Islamabad For Rs.1799 But There’s A Twist To It!


This Viral ‘Baniyaan’ Is Being Sold In Centaurus Mall Islamabad For Rs.1799 But There’s A Twist To It!


Every desi kid would know what it would be like in childhood if we ever by mistake we fell and torn our clothes! Our moms would go crazy and instead of kissing us and consoling (like all the burger mom would do) our ammis would beat the shit out of us with chittar! First for being careless, and second for “gir kesy gae” and third for “kapry kyun pharay?”! And we never had any answer for any of her question and silently take the beating.

So, growing up we had some quite weird fashion trends, one of the favorite ones is ripped jeans. We pay from 4k to 6k and sometimes more to get the perfect ripped jeans; which every desi mom HATES!

But can we ever make our moms understand about this?! Matlab every time our offers to sew the ripped jeans because she lowkey knows how to just taunt without being too nosy.

Someone, please show all the desi moms this shirt?! Please? This COMPLETELY torn shirt is being sold for 1799-/Rupees!

Please do not throw your old banians. this one is selling for 1799/- in Centaurus Mall Islamabad. ?

Posted by It's all about Pakistan on Monday, January 7, 2019

So, this T-shirt is being sold for as much as “athara soo” desi way of rounding off the prices to get the accuracy, LOL! Someone at the internet must be having some good tarbiyat by his/her amma and thought that how can this shirt cost much?  So, the person took the photo at Centaurus Mall of this shirt and put up and now Pakistanis are going legit crazy!

It is assured that we if we show this shirt to our moms and suggest to buy; she’ll beat the crap out so much and that eventually, our shirt will turn into this torn piece of cloth! Haina??!

Wah! Dimagh ho toh Pakistani warna na ho!

Umm… bring back all the phati hue banyans boyses!

Je haan seriously! Yeh sach hai!


Make good use of things! Don’t waste stuff anymore. Save planet earth wear torn shirts, okay?

Bring back your shirt, which ammi decided to use for pocha!

But, there’s a twist to the story! Seems like someone copied this photo from our neighbors. The shirt seems Hindustani!

Oho! Bangalore or Islamabad?

Chalo, since we all seem collectively “unfashionable” how about getting this one t-shirt? Or maybe turning our old ones into a new piece of art? Maybe wait for summers to get all the hawa crossing by, what say? Hehe. But make sure amma never gets to know about this precious purchase.

What do you guys think about this? let us know in the comments below, and tag your lakeer chand friend too! Cheers! 😉

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