This Woman of Valor Taught Robbers a Lesson that they Would Never Forget!


Those days are long gone when Karachi was called as the city of lights. Well, because now, the new and upgraded version of it is the “City of Crimes” out of which robberies have topped the chart. From robbery till target killing, Karachiites have experienced it all. Though the women of this amazing city have always remained to be the highlight of any such occurrences due to their nailing hacks of protecting themselves. A similar incident of this sort happened with Mariam Nadir who knew exactly how to beat the crap out of anyone who tries to snatch her stuff.


Source: Facebook/MariumNadir

She shared her story of theft on her social media profile which immediately got rage due to the interesting ending. Her mobile phone was snatched outside her grandfather’s house by two armed men at gunpoint. Thankfully, she was able to catch them while they tried to escape plus the people around helped her as well.


So there were 2 muggers who came to snatch my phone on Gun point while I was parking my car out side my Grand father’s …

Posted by Mariam Nadir on Friday, December 22, 2017

While adding more to her story she said :

People are taking it as an act of stupidity but I want to highlight a few things. I didn’t resist when they came, showed me the gun and asked for the phone. I had to give it to them at first. I kept my car slow as they also knew that I was going somewhere and they asked me to be quiet. I kept an eye on the guy who had the gun and my phone until he kept his gun under his pants I didn’t do anything but as he soon as he kept it under his pants, I pressed the accelerator with full force and hit them and kept driving until I made sure they are crushed and then I jumped out of my car to get my phone as the was gun dropped on the road and they were then unarmed.


Here is video someone sent me, in case f any of you recognize these bastartds …. You can see them crying now but…

Posted by Mariam Nadir on Saturday, December 23, 2017

She explained,

I made sure about the area where I can hit them, I made sure I hit them at the point where they can’t run from …. so as they slowed down their bike to mug another car I hit them with full force.

The credit goes to the law enforcement agencies as well as how they have been trying to make Karachi safe again. Hope more people take inspiration from her instead of being scared and doing nothing. If you liked the article, then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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