Zara Noor And Asad’s Vacation Pictures Are Making Us Want To Pack Our Bags!


Zara Noor is that one actress who you would never see with a straight face, she’s almost always smiling! Her beautiful face is always glowing with a smile. Zara came from a family of actors, but she herself never really intended to be an actor, or that’s not what her family wanted her to do!

In a TEDx Talk recently she shared some threads of memories from her life, a life of which not many people know about; a life where she’s devastated and miserable. She belongs a Family where she has brilliant female actors of Pakistan, Bushra Ansari being her Khala and Zara’s own mother. Despite that, all her family wasn’t in favor of her going in the industry.

She got married amidst her studies and flew abroad. Then she got separated and came back to her parents in Pakistan; all broken and shattered, she didn’t really have any motivation to do anything at all! People told her nobody’s going to marry you since you are divorced. They also gave pathetic remarks on how she’s never going to have a career in acting.

But at one evening, Zara’s aunts suggested that she be married to Asad Siddiqui. They both were divorced at that time, they were single and they share almost same career and life aspects.

At that time they both laughed at that thought, but when they started meeting! Boy oh boy, they loved the vibe they both gave each other.

Zara Noor and Asad were married happily and it was the wedding of the year for Pakistani TV industry!

They both look amazing together; they are a couple, friends, partners goals.

These trip photos will make you want to set vacationing goals

Adorbs! <3


As lively as they can be!


They be each other’s photographer 😀

Flying together and a perfect vacation!


On the roll!

Before their Baku trip, they were in Turkey, seems like they are having post-honeymoon and then post post-honeymoon! Hehe 😀 They look adorable together and love between them shows through their smiles.

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