Here Are 10 Assumptions Couples Need To Stop Making In A Relationship To Avoid Ruining It!


They say that assumptions are the termites of relationships and somewhat it’s true. Humans are the kind of creatures who are always under some doubt. They will always doubt things that they do and also those things that others do for them.

Often when in a relationship, people love the flowery phase but when things come to the reality of life; we are taken aback. We start doubting every damn thing which goes wrong. In fact, it is not actually wrong, it is just not as per our expectations.

Also, note that many times these assumptions are just imaginary and it is us, overthinking. All of this is not real most of the time. Take a look and find out if you too think about these random wrong things.

Here are some assumptions that we all have that might ruin our relationship and we will have no clue about it!

Assuming that you both will do each and everything together:

Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean that you both have to do everything together, each and every individual needs their space. So, learn to give it to each other!

Assuming that they’re gonna treat you the same way they treated their exes:

That is a deal breaker! Never think like that, the person who was in their life had a different place than you do.

Assuming that they’re into every person of the opposite gender they talk to:

Just because they have a chat with someone else doesn’t mean that they’re interested in them. You need to have faith in your partner and be confident about yourself!

Assuming that they don’t have time for you when they’re busy:

There are things like work that your partner might be occupied with. So, jumping to a conclusion that they’re not giving you any attention is ridiculous! You need to understand that.

Assuming that they’ll do the same thing to you again which probably hurt you before:

Not every person is the same and if something hurt you before, it’s not necessary that it would happen again. You need to think positive and believe in your partner. Have faith in them and just like that, your life will be easier!

Assuming that they were players just because they have a past:

If your partner had a past then you need to let it go! You’re their present and you can’t judge someone on the basis of their past. Focus on making new memories!

Assuming your partner can read your mind:

You need to talk to your partner and quit thinking that they can read your mind. Communication is the key!

Assuming that they don’t want you around (on certain occasions):

Just because they have a boys/girls night out doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy your company, it means that maybe they need some time to cool off. Remember, everyone has their own place in each individuals life.

Assuming that they don’t care enough:

You need to have a certain amount of faith in your partner and not be insecure about it. This can very easily ruin your relationship with your loved one!

Assuming they will cheat on you:

This assumption will not only ruin you but will also break your partner’s heart.

In a nutshell, you need to communicate and believe in each other in order to avoid any hiccups in your relationship. Have faith in each other!












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