Top 5 Power Yoga Exercises for Losing Weight At Home


Everybody wishes to lose weight, be it one way or another. However, no one wants to go through the strenuous process that comes along with reducing weight. It requires determination and patience to make it through the elements that are required to lose weight. A person can easily keep their body in check if they watch what they consume. This includes giving importance to vegetables, fruits, or any other plant-based foods. Though, this is in terms of dieting because some people tend to exercise their excessive fat away. There are different methods for everyone when it comes to properly lose weight. You need to figure out which one can work best for you. Among such methods is a form of exercise called power yoga and its assistance towards yoga for weight loss.

Basically, power yoga is a stronger or powerful alternative to regular yoga. The yoga exercises that you conduct in this type of yoga are a bit difficult and challenging. This is why this yoga is perfect for keeping your body in shape. Not to mention, yoga in itself is an amazing method of calming your soul and experiencing inner peace. You get to take your daily decisions with a clear mind and get to live a less stressful routine. When you are at peace with yourself then it becomes easy to conduct even the tiring of tasks.

Power yoga has unreal benefits that ensure you remain as physically fit as possible, as it also boosts your metabolism. Here are a couple of power yoga exercises that you need to start doing right this instant if you want to lose weight fast:

Boat Pose:

Source: rishikul yogshala

The very first pose to look into when it comes to losing weight with power yoga is the ‘boat pose’. Your body takes the shape of a boat as you perform this pose. This exercise is the easiest and simplest of all power yoga exercises. To get into this position, you need to first lie down with your hands by your side. Then lift your legs along with your upper body and try to make the shape shown within the picture. When you get into this pose, you can feel a tight sensation in your abdominal area. This is the feeling that ensures that you are conducting the exercise correctly.

Bow Pose:

Source: ndtvimg

This pose’s position is difficult to get into if you’re not flexible enough. So it is better to not attempt it in the first try but try to warm up or increase your flexibility a bit before diving into this pose. Firstly, you need to lie down on your stomach. Then, bring your legs up and towards your head. You should hold your feet from behind; it is important to feel a stretch in your legs as you extend them towards you. Do not be hasty with this pose as you can hurt your back. Back pain or injuries take a relatively long time to heal.

Cobra Pose:

source: yoga journal

This pose looks simple at first but it requires a decent amount of strength to stay in it. To perform this pose, you have to lie down on your stomach. Gradually, you should raise your chest away from the floor. Support yourself by placing your palms on the floor; they should be side by side with your chest. The key here is that you try to stretch your body backward. Make sure that your spine is straight during the pose. Keep the pose for 25-30 seconds, and then break away. As you can already notice, this pose provides a great work-out to your abs.

Downward Facing Dog:

Source: square space

This is a pose that is fairly popular among people that use power yoga as a method of reducing weight. It helps stretch out a bunch of places especially including the hamstrings and calves. In fact, this makes it suitable for becoming flexible as well. To get into this pose, first, you have to get on your knees and place your hands on a mat laid before you. While keeping your hands on the floor, get up and extend your butt. Then straighten your legs as much as you can. There’s no meaning to this pose if you bend your legs. It is also better if you get into this position slowly instead of all at once. As you are in a downward-facing dog pose, relax and keep the position for a good couple of minutes.

Plank Pose:

source: yoga gym revolution

This is one of the hardest poses for people that don’t have enough strength in their core or arms. However, it is also an important position because it is the first exercise recommended by fitness specialists when it comes to getting a flat stomach and a studier body. For this pose, you need to lie down on your stomach initially. Then, place your palms on the mat and lift yourself up. Make sure that your legs are completely straight and stretched out. Simply, it looks like the starting position for a pushup. Try to ensure that your body forms a straight line from head to heels.

The best thing to keep in mind when looking into power yoga is that you need to be careful. Always perform power yoga on a mat, instead of choosing the ground. This is especially important if you are a newbie to such exercises. Make sure that you get plenty of normal, everyday exercises so that you can improve your flexibility as well. However, some of the above-mentioned poses are also generally helping with flexibility. So you can always use them to not only lose weight but better your body’s elasticity. Moreover, if you believe that you can use other methods of reducing weight then keep them on your list as well! There are no set restrictions when it comes to the various ways one can stay physically fit. However, yoga itself is a therapeutic method of exercising; hence, its benefits tend to outweigh others.

What do you think of the situation? Have you ever tried doing power yoga poses for weight loss before? If so, which one has been effective for your physical and even mental health? Share your thoughts below.

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