By Asma Iftikhar

While the world is progressing at an exponential rate in every aspect, there’s one key issue that is still a taboo in many societies- primarily in third world countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Unfortunately, it is still considered shameful to openly discuss something as basic as a biological phenomenon such as periods. It’s due to this hush attitude that most women are suffering from unnecessary issues that could totally be avoided if only there were more awareness campaigns educating the masses.

Myths regarding menstruation

There are countless myths based on the culture that one belongs to or the geographical location that you come from but to name a few:

  • If you shower during the first three days of menstruation, it can cause sub-fertility and issues while conceiving
  • Eating certain foods such as pickles can have cardiac manifestations as serious as arrhythmias while you are on your period
  • Walking on bare feet during your monthly cycle can obstruct the flow of menstrual bleeding
  • You are not clean during your period and hence you must not attend any religious ceremony or be a part of any activity that requires you to be ‘clean’

These are a few of the many myths that are circulating across the country making the experience of menstruation much harder than it should be. It’s due to this mindset that women go through a traumatic experience for their lifetime, on a monthly basis.

Women go through immense pressure both physically and psychologically just because they aren’t guided well on how to cope with both of these aspects of periods.

Pressures during menstruation

  • To be unable to express how you feel during your menstrual cycle, be it regarding the physical symptoms such as cramps and generalized weakness or the psychological symptoms such as mood swings can be a very tiring and traumatic experience
  • Women are told to ‘hide’ their feminine problems and never talk about whatever they are going through which makes them feel isolated
  • There’s no concept of any work-place privileges that women can get while they are on their periods which sometimes affects their performance at work but there is no compensation for that
  • Young girls are not educated regarding menstruation and what to expect once their monthly cycle starts. This is one of the reasons why most young girls get scarred psychologically when their menstruation cycle starts and start to despise their bodies in extreme cases
  • Due to lack of awareness, unhygienic practices have been going on for way too long which leads to long term illnesses

These are just a few of the many stressful situations that women go through and the root cause for all of this is just lack of awareness and no measures taken by the state to ensure provision of good quality products to every female citizen.

Molped being the game changer

While there is so much that needs improvement and we are trying to get there, Molped is one brand that has been playing its role in this domain since 1999. A Turkish brand, owned by HAYAT KIMYA, has been trying to bring revolutionary products to the market since its advent in 1999.

It was concluded through immense research that less than 1/5th of the women in Pakistan use sanitary pads during menstruation. Most women tend to rely on traditional old rags and in some cases cotton wool to soak up the blood. While these products are uncomfortable to use, they are an even bigger health hazard. Most women go through some form of reproductive or urinary tract infection in their lifetime due to the unhygienic methods used by them.

The concept of germ-shield

By conducting research on the specific needs of the Pakistani women, Molped has now launched sanitary pads in the market that contain an extra layer for germ-protection. This layer ensures that women don’t catch any bacterial or fungal infections while being on their periods. Along with that, Molped products are dermatologically tested & approved as skin friendly. They give an odorless experience to keep women as comfortable as possible and lead an uninterrupted life.

Having the best hygiene partner at affordable rates for every female citizen is the only way that we can eradicate all the totally-avoidable issues that women suffer from every day.

The motto of the company is to make sure that: “women keep their shoulder, head and spirit high”

And this can only happen with mass awareness campaigns and ensuring that every woman has access to these products.

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