9 Feminine Hygiene Tips That You Should Really Start Practicing


9 Feminine Hygiene Tips That You Should Really Start Practicing


It has been said right that beauty doesn’t come with the trendy or stylish ensembles, it always comes from inside. Yes, it is all about your personal hygiene which satisfies you and creates an aura of freshness around you. Good personal hygiene practices not only helps you to battle infections or detrimental diseases but also allows you to enjoy comfier and healthier life.

Keep in mind that hygiene is not about taking bathing or brushing teeth, it includes the proper cleaning of your private parts as well which we usually ignore in our daily routine life. Also, some of us never discuss any issue regarding the feminine parts of the body because of shyness or considering it “Haw-Haye Log Kya Kahenge!”.

Below are some general tips for maintaining your regular feminine parts health and personal hygiene. Read them without feeling ashamed of!

1. Are You Wiping It In A Right Way?

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We usually wipe the private part after peeing, from bottom to top. It is a wrong way of wiping. According to Santa Barbara University, cleaning this way may cause urinary tract infection (UTI). Always wipe from top to bottom to prevent yourself from this disease.

2. Deodorants Are Not Enough For Body Odor

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It’s summer season which means sweating and body odor. In our daily busy life, we skip bathing and hijabis (sorry to say) forget to wash their abayas which get stinky just in a day! We perfume a ton of deodorant, body sprays or perfumes to combat the body odor but keep in mind that it won’t help until YOU TAKE A BATH!!!

3. Take Care Of Your Genital Area

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Always trim or shave your private parts to avoid sweating. Do it in a shower but at the end so that your pores may soothe and hair comes off easily. Never use a hair removal cream on your private parts before testing it on your arms or legs.

4. After Taking Shower, Always Use A Fresh And Soft Towel

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Dr. Marisa Weiss of Breast Cancer Organisation told girls to keep changing their daily used towels because the bacteria can cling to towels which potentially puts you at a risk of an infection. She suggests using simple and soft cloths so that you can use them not more than a month.

5. Prefer Loose And Cotton Innerwear

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Girls usually hesitate in buying innerwear. Usually, they go to the shop, buy an underwear or bra, grab the pack from the salesgirl and it’s done! A very few of us ask about the fabric and size which is a must before buying undergarments. Cotton fabric is ideal for girls, especially working women. Also, never use bras or panties for more than a year!

6. Care After Having Sex

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The bodily fluids and residue from private parts may cause infection. It has been recommended by our religion as well to take a bath and wash the feminine area very well. Use mild soap and warm water for cleaning. Avoid using feminine wash until your doctor recommends you to.

7. Time To Change Your Sleeping Habits

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Keep yourself relax during sleep. Put off your bra or tights while going off to bed, it will make you sweat and can cause infection.

8. Care During Menstruation

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Never use a pad or tampon for more than eight hours. We usually skip changing it for any reason which causes bad odor. The sanitary pads or tampons contain chemical contaminants, these chemicals may affect your vagina or it can also cause vaginal cancer.

9. Avoid Scented Products For Private Areas

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Avoid using scented soaps or fancy products, the fragrances may cause major irritants.

So follow these tips to keep yourself fresh and stay away from several infections. Have a good day ahead!

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