Actress Aamna Malick Pleads All To Stay Home After Losing 23 years Old Cousin To COVID

Actress Aamna Malick Pleads All To Stay Home After Losing Cousin To COVID-19


Coronavirus is a harsh reality that has gripped the nation with its ferocious effects. While many people still are indifferent to COVID-19 serious effects, others are appealing to stay safe and take the matter seriously.

Recently actress Aamna Malick took to social media to tell the nation about how she just lost her 23 years old cousin to COVID-19. In a video message, she tells the heartbreaking story of how she lost her younger cousin to COVID-19.

His lungs turned black

“I just lost my younger cousin brother due to Corona Virus, cousin Salma Malik, who was 23 years old. He contracted COVID-19 and got severely infected, doctors kept him on a ventilator but he couldn’t survive.”

She further added that her cousin was healthy yet he got infected by the unforgiving virus which ultimately took his life.

“Both his lungs had turned black and later he was put on ventilators yet was unable to recover and passed away.” In the video she pleads to the nation not to take COVID-19 lightly and that it can affect anyone.

Stay safe, stay at home

“Please don’t think that this virus doesn’t affect the young and healthy. My cousin was young and healthy and this still happened to him.”

Coronavirus is taking lives left, right, and center. People are being advised to take great measures to avoid COVID. With limited resources and beds available in hospitals, precautions are now absolutely necessary.

“Please stay at home” pleaded the actress concluding the video “before it happens to your loved ones.”

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