Aiman Khan's Bridal Makeup Video Is Doing Rounds On The Internet And People Can't Stop Trolling Her!


Aiman Khan’s Bridal Makeup Video Is Doing Rounds On The Internet And People Can’t Stop Trolling Her!


Aiman Khan finally apny ghar ko chali! Kind of “Dil waly dilhaniya le jaeingy”? Aiman had an amazing month prior to her wedding. She was all over the internet with the videos; where she is having the time of her life with family.
The twins went on to the trip with the whole family up north; where they saw snow for the first time. They sang songs with strangers on the road trip.

From the low-key mayoon to the valima. Every event was ON-POINT! From the regal dresses to dances and the makeup. The girls planned the whole wedding to perfection.

Don’t they look amazing? Everything looks perfect.

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But things got a bit topsy and turvy when after all her baraat look was out. Though a vast majority of people loved how Aiman was looking, there were still people who thought that something was “quite wrong”

She was looking mesmerizing! Haters need to put on some shades.

Just look at her! Piyarrri

*heart eyes*

Aiman Khan’s makeup artist Omayr Waqar just posted the timelapse video of the behind scene of her makeup. She really doesn’t need much makeup for fixes, she has a really amazing and flawless face. There are many people who have met Aiman, and they swear by the fact that she has a really glowing skin in person; as glowing as it looks on camera!

We can watch this video WHOLE DAMN DAY!

But there are people/haters who are just there to spread hate and nothing else. Making fun of someone that too upon someone’s look on their big day. Mean, very very mean!


And you decided that her day was ruined!?

This person here thought that Aiman should have consulted with her IN PERSON!

So rude! WHY GOD WHY??

*rolls eyes* Baji, please!

Let’s have some decency! Why we forget that these celebs too have social media accounts and Aiman must have encountered such comments. Just empathize a little?

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