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Mahnoor AslamJuly 9, 2018

Sania Mirza’s Maternity Photo-Shoot Is Making Rounds On The Internet And We Can See The GLOW!

With all the love a couple starts their new life and enters into a different setting. The new household and ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 9, 2018

Nadia Hussain Got Flaked For Starting The #WokeUpLikeThis Challenge And People Went A Little Too Far

Every now and then, a new trend takes over and everyone loses their mind. From The #IceBucketchallenge to now #WOKEUPTHISWAY ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 3, 2018

This Makeup Artist Just Gave A Badass Response To All The ‘Aunties’ Who Blatantly Body Shamed Her!

It is usually of an utter surprise when we witness people who are full of positivity and love even being buried ...

Ghazala AbbasJune 29, 2018

This Young And Brave Girl From Islamabad Shaved Her Head And People Are Absolutely Loving it!

We, as a society have finally started breaking social norms and stereotypes regardless of being a boy or a girl. ...

AribaJune 25, 2018

Skills Of This Male Make-Up Artist From Multan Would Make Any Girl JEALOUS!

For many years, makeup has been a “girls-only” game. Oh and especially in our society. But as our world is changing quickly, ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 11, 2018

To Look Flawless and Beautiful This Eid, Here’s What You Need To Remember!

Remember the time when Eid used to be beautiful in winters and we could experiment different outfits from chiffon to ...

Sumayyah MalikJune 5, 2018

This Girl Gave The Perfect ‘Recipe’ Of A Plain South-Asian Bride Stuffed With Decency

An instant South Asian recipe featuring a stir-fried bride seasoned with some ‘dil kay armaan ansoun mein beh gaye’ topping. ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 2, 2018

Dua Malik Has Surprised Many Girls With Her Amazing Transformation And We’re Like “WOW!”

In a growing world of fast-track life, where there’s no room for slow walks slow work or slow food, the ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 1, 2018

Mahira and Fawad Khan’s Latest Photo Shoot Is Making People Go Ga-Ga Over Them!

It actually all started from a drama serial, two humans became the national crush of Pakistan. But later, when the ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 28, 2018

MAC Cosmetic’s Suhoor Look Has Now Become The Latest ‘WTF’ Moment On Social Media

So, if you have missed the MAC cosmetic’s ‘Suhoor Look’, then we feel really bad for you because what else would ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 15, 2018

Mahira Khan’s Stylist ‘Almost Committed Suicide’ Because Of Her Dress and Here It Is!

So, the news broke on Twitter when some people started tweeting by tagging Mahira Khan that how happy they are to ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 3, 2018

Faryal Makhdoom is Killing Everyone With Her Looks Just One Week After Giving Birth

Frayal Makhdoom the controversial couple famous for it’s controversial tweets. How can we forget that?! Just before Faryal’s pregnancy was ...

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