Pakistani Celebrities Are Now Coming Forward To Discuss Depression On Social Media


Pakistani Celebrities Are Now Coming Forward To Discuss Depression On Social Media


Somewhere around four years back when Robin Williams died and people were shocked to know the reality of his death and wondered how can a man who appeared so happy fight a bigger inner battle of depression? Robin Williams who was a professional comedian and actor, who spread smiles on millions of faces was actually sad himself and nobody knew about it. Recently, we heard that the biggest name in the fashion industry, Kate Spade too was battling with depression and committed suicide. That alone was enough shock for people to absorb until last week…

Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef who explored many parts of the worlds just to experience different spices was known for his exploration of the human condition, cuisine and culture from all around the world. Who knew that someone like Anthony Bourdain would walk out of bed someday to decide that he, too is going to take his own life?

These incidents later was a call for the influential people to talk about a more pressing concern that is depression. People around you might be battling with a mental illness and you wouldn’t know. So, many Pakistani celebrities made their voices louder by saying the most important thing of all!

By speaking up, one may spread awareness!

Can lead to self-harm and suicide!

The ones who have less, tend to give more!

Let’s remove this stigma!

Shahbaz Taseer shared a more powerful story of his depression! May the winds be with you!

The only way we could tackle this monster of depression is to talk! We need to talk in public, talk to the people who are fighting with it. Many young people who haven’t seen much of world wants to end their life right there and then! Older people who have seen all of it and know the value of a good life, take their own life because they lack the motivation to connect; to exist! Let’s embrace them in a hug and put the sadness away!

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