Dua Malik Has Surprised Many Girls With Her Amazing Transformation And We’re Like “WOW!”


In a growing world of fast-track life, where there’s no room for slow walks slow work or slow food, the general health of people is deteriorating. The emergence of fast food is making people eat faster and put on weight faster. All the tales of dadi ammi where they slow-cooked food and took out proper time to eat and chew were all the fine era of living. In that time, people used to walk miles without getting tired and were healthier and lived longer.

Now, the whole lifestyle has changed and people have to make extra efforts to stay fit and have a flat tummy. It’s a challenge to find healthy food out there. With all the struggle of family responsibility, profession and personal care, many people leave behind their self-care and ruin the body shape and overall health. Dua Malik took it upon herself to bring the real change and get in shape! But woah man, the transformation is REAL! She dropped 10kgs just by solely running! Unbelievable right? But it’s true.

This photo of her is somewhat old, where she is all fine and cute but what she showed us now was something shocking beyond belief!

And this is yet another photo of her pretty smile and pretty self!

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. William Arthur Ward

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BUT THIS! Who knew that you can bring some universal change with healthy lifestyle

Fitness is not always about maintaining a boring lifestyle which includes no fun food and cheat meals. Dua proved many people right when they say all you gotta do is move! Dance, run or walk, put on some music and move yourself some extra mile and you are good to go! TADA!

Simple, NO? What say? Let’s get this motto on for Ramzan till Eid and get these tummy tires down. Tag a friend you can take along on a walk! Cheers. 🙂

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