Dua Mangi Finally Opens Up & Gives Details About Her Kidnapping


Dua Nisar Mangi, got kidnapped in the Defence area of Karachi’s District South by alleged armed kidnappers. The kidnappers also shot and critically injured her male friend Haris. The girl is again making rounds on the internet after she attended Aurat March 2020.

Several theories were revolving around her abduction, but she kept mum about the incident. Finally, the girl has put all the speculations to rest by answering all the controversy surrounding her kidnapping.

Dua answered all the misinformation and conspiracy theories

In a long Facebook post, Dua has revealed that all the misinformation and conspiracy theories revolving around her case has been affecting her from quite some time now. She said she will address these questions once and for all and then she wants everyone to stop talking crap about her.

People were speculating that there was some personal vendetta behind her kidnapping. She safely returned back home also came as a shock for many.

She revealed that this is a high profile case and she is not allowed to disclose any information. But, she said she have been doing everything to make sure the perpetrators get caught.

dua mangi
source: Facebook

Replying back to those who questioned how she came back home safe and unharmed, she said, “I was kidnapped for ransom. they let me go after the ransom exchange. this is literally what kidnapping for ransom is like. It was a random pick up. It could’ve happened to anyone”.

She also addressed how people are questioning her relationship with Haris, who was shot while saving her. “Honestly this one sickens me. The friend zone doesn’t exist and my relationship with haris is none of anyone’s concern. Please quit this weird obsession with our relationship status,” she said.

Dua’s kidnapping

Dua was kidnapped at gunpoint from Karachi’s DHA Bukhari Commercial Area. While her accompanying friend Haris was shot multiple times as he tried to resist. Haris got critically wounded in the incident.

When Dua Mangi got kidnapped there were reports that her friend kidnapped her as she rejected his marriage proposal.

She was an alumnus at the University of London, where she had gone in friendship with a boy named Muzafar who hailed from Lahore. Later, he was accused to be a blackmailer in the response of neglecting his proposal of marriage by Dua. The parents of  Mangi also told officials to probe deeper on Muzafar. They believed that most probably he has abducted her.

Furthermore, the cell phone of  Mangi got recovered from the incident spot, which was considered to be dropped when Dua tried to get rid of the kidnappers. Within, 72 hours the investigation team had recovered a knife and a bullet on the incident spot, followed by finding the owner of the suspicion car.

After safe return to home, Dua told police that the kidnappers had kept her hands and feet chained in a room of a house, at some far away isolated location of the city. She also said that the kidnappers told her that they had mistakenly abducted her after seeing her dressing out of a belief that she hailed from the moneyed class.

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