This FB Page Is Giving Fatwas On Which Type Of Girls A Muslim Man Should Marry And People Are Extremely Furious!


This FB Page Is Giving Fatwas On Which Type Of Girls A Muslim Man Should Marry And People Are Extremely Furious!


Pakistani weddings are sure lavish! They are full of food, flowers, people, music and when they all are combined together it’s a celebration. Also, Pakistanis are famous for arranging fat weddings, such weddings are nothing but some glamorous events for the guests to woo at. Many times there are people who cannot afford to have such weddings arranged but they anyhow do it such to please their relatives and friends, because what’s the purpose of all this glitter?

If we all start thinking sane about this all, it is all actually to please other people. For some people who can afford and are privileged enough to have a grand wedding easily, must do it for their own desire. And being called privileged is not an insult at all, is it just that some people worked hard enough to afford this and they were lucky enough to be given an opportunity to grab and work for it.

But the ones who can not have such gigantic weddings feel pressurized to not have one, not to give their daughters enough dowry!

They are pressurized because society doesn’t accept girls who can’t afford to have loads and loads of dowry! Indeed, we have shit mindsets in society.

So, this person on Facebook took it upon himself to talk in favor of the girls who can’t have the dowry. But what he said next pissed quite a lot of people!

Gareeb ki beti se shadi karo magar afsos ke aisi larkiyan jahez na honay ki wajah se gharon mein kanwari baithi huwi hai. ?

Posted by Moody on Thursday, February 7, 2019

This guy/girl did favor the girls who are poor and can’t afford lavish dowry but they definitely put all the other girls in a bad circle. Saying that the girls whose life start from their parents and end at their “mijazzi khuda” are a gift for men from heaven above! Are you guys even for real?!

This is like brutally stereotyping on girls who are born a little lucky! This person behind this post clearly said that girls from less privileged household are can make house heaven and others can’t! Really?!

Also, the person said that girls who like dining out and going to parks are “not good”! Who is making these hasty genralizations?!

People in the comments section of this post went absolutely crazy, well they have all the reason to do so.

Still wondering the same!!

Oh, perfectly written!


The fact that some people can’t handle the “misinformation” that they have self-created, so they tend to put it out to enlighten other people. This person did the same! But whoever he/she was the person got served by the internet.

Stop stereotyping girls for no reason. Any girl be it privileged or not can make a good house wife and it is not a woman’s job only to make a house “heaven” for that matter.

What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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