This 21-Year Old Girl Was Divorced During Pregnancy And How She Fought The Odds Is Eye-Opening!


This 21-Year Old Girl Was Divorced During Pregnancy And How She Fought The Odds Is Eye-Opening!


We’ve always heard that marriages are made in heaven and they say that soulmates are people who make your life worth living. However, if your soulmate or your better half just shatters you into million pieces then where would you go? Who would you count on? The story that we want to bring to your attention is of a brave woman who broke the stereotypes and went an extra mile to raise her son.

Mubbashira Hanif was just at a tender age when she tied the knot with her former husband and was in a happy marriage. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, her husband divorced her while she was pregnant and left her stranded to combat with her daily life as a single mother. She’s now a freelance makeup artist who earns well and looks after her one-year-old son. Basically, she’s the mother and the father of her kid and that too – just at the age of 21!

We asked a few questions to this strong, independent  single mother and that’s what she had to say:

Q. How old were you when you got married and how long did it last?

A. I got married when I was just 19, right after I completed my intermediate. My marriage lasted almost 14 months.

Q. Was it a happy marriage?

A. It’s a wish of every newlywed girl to have a happy marriage but seldom it doesn’t work out. You never know what plans Allah has for you. It was a happy marriage but with a sad ending.

Q. Can you share the reasons for your divorce?

A. It was personal and I don’t want to comment on that. I hope that’s okay.

Q. How did you cope up with the circumstances?

A. My son! I gave birth to my baby after my divorce, I spent almost five and a half months of my pregnancy all alone, it’s that time when you need your hubby more than anything. To pamper you and take care of you, BUT I spent this time of my life all alone, I had sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts, I had no idea what life would bring me and how will I spend this time.

I delivered a healthy baby boy. The day he came into the world, he shed the rays of hope, rays of happiness and joy in my life. I knew everything will be okay, my son plays a crucial role in my mental recovery. Also, my husband came to the hospital after I delivered my son and regretted his decision but it was too late to do anything.

Q. Are you raising your son all by yourself?

A. With a little help from my parents and whatever I earn with my makeup services, I spend that on my son.

Q. How did the thought of being a makeup artist occur to you?

I had always been obsessed with makeups and tried new looks on myself or on people around, you can say it was my passion, I turned my passion into my career and decided to practice myself as a makeup artist. Took few classes, got certification from Dubai based makeup artist and continued in this field.

Q. Is there any advice for all the single mothers you want to give away?

A. Don’t lose hope, whenever Allah takes something from you he surely replaces it with something a lot better. Don’t let this society push you down and take your decisions in your hand!

In a nutshell, being a single mother isn’t easy, especially when you’re left alone while you were pregnant. We need women like Mubbashira to make a change in our society and break stereotypes! She’s definitely a hero!

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