"Wo Ghar Basaane Wali Larki Nahi Hai" - A Message For All The Guys Who Make Lame Excuses To Leave Their Girlfriends


“Wo Ghar Basaane Wali Larki Nahi Hai” – A Message For All The Guys Who Make Lame Excuses To Leave Their Girlfriends


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“Wo ghar basane wali larki nai hai!” A small sentence that could tear any girl’s heart into pieces; despite the fact she’s born and raised in a Muslim family and atmosphere, modern, elite family or a middle-class family.

But as per my observation, when a guy gets into a relationship with a girl, a man sees great qualities in her, but the moment they break up, all they see is bad qualities and negativity in the girl who was ready to do anything for him.  I don’t know if this is the nature of all men or only those whom I’ve been observing.

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The statement, “She’s not a homemakeritself is so heartbreaking for any girl, but what became the reason for this? How could they say this even? How is she ‘not eligible’ for homemaking? Just because she was in a relationship with you? She trusted you and loved you but you are giving her a title of ‘not a good homemaker’. Wow!

It’s better to man up and gather up the courage to send a proposal, marry her and be by her side instead of shooting statements like this. It’s the men who don’t have the courage to marry the one they love. It’s when their lust and desires come to an end, that’s when their typical dialogues such as, “Ammi nai mana rahi, kuch faislay muqadar kay hotay hain, tum mobile bohat use kerti ho, statuses lagati rehti ho, you are an android girl, jo larki har waqt socialize kerti hai wo anay wali nasal kesay sambhalay gi”etc etc, come up.

Guys, please, it’s a humble request. Stop spoiling the girls in the name of love. If you build a relationship based on sincerity with a pure intention, then Allah would obviously open doors for you but please, make sure if it doesn’t work out, do not blame the girl for it by saying such statements, this could make her mentally ill. You few words or sentences can harm a life!

She is a human too, she is a sensitive creature of Almighty Allah. Please keep this in mind before taunting her with your lame claims! Instead of being in a long-term relationship, go for nikah if you truly love her and are courageous enough to do so.

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