Girls, Are You Almost 20? Get Ready to Face all This!


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Parents in different countries have their own ways of grooming their children, work on their manners and education, and watch them grow or get them married. From where I belong, our Pakistani parents are very much concerned about us.

Parents are like…

I will not call it meddling or be interfering but yes, they do participate actively in our lives whereas in the western culture, as seen and observed, kids are mostly on their own. If only our government were to provide scholarships for everyone, our parents must have been less worried for sure.

I do not know how it is to be a boy but girls, gather around! You are going to enjoy and relate to this timeline of a girl’s life. From the very moment a girl is born, the first thought that comes to her parent’s mind is “Marriage”. A girl’s whole life basically revolves around the very idea of getting married. If not for her, certainly for her parents.

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As she grows up and starts liking frocks and cute jewelry, her parents start imagining her as a bride. During the growing years, parents focus on grooming and education of their little ones. On the onset of teenage, the common phrases girls get to hear are “What will you do with in your in-laws, if you cannot simply deal with such small matters?”, “Don’t embarrass us when you go to your susraal”.

While parents keep their mouths zipped for a long time, 20 is the most common age of the girl where it all starts to explode out of them: their wishes, their plans, their savings, dowry planning. Get ready, girls!

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It actually gets funny when your cooking skills, your spoken words, your vocal tone, your manners, your abilities all get attached to your marriage. You get a call from your mother informing you that she bought quilts for your dowry. You go shopping and find your mother searching and observing fancy embroidered bridal dresses. If not your mother, don’t you secretly observe them too, young ladies? One way or another, goal oriented or a hopeless romantic, every one of you has thought about it, made plans about it, or ignored it.

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Paulo Coelho quotes in his book, The Alchemist, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Well, marriage is not something that all of you would want but I find the saying highly accurate in the sense that, “When you get 20, all the universe conspires in helping you to get married somehow”. It’s not just the parents, but the society too.

On every wedding that you go to, you’ll find different aunties asking you questions like “Whose daughter are you?”, “Are you engaged?” and some very boldly ask “Have you met my son?” There’s a phase when you find your hardly related aunties visiting your house frequently out of nowhere.

Source: The Nation

This may or may not completely relate to your life, you may be reading this at a young age with your kid shouting in your room or in your late 20’s or 30’s still not ready to get married. Leaving sarcasm behind, you cannot simply ignore the fact that our parents make us ready for everything in life and most of us are very grateful to them for it.

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