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Mahnoor AslamSeptember 10, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Explains How Men Should “Learn a Lesson” In the Most Perfect Manner

Family. How do you explain it? Like Bombay biryani? Layered differently, with unique flavors in each layer. And the best part ...

Hamna Waseem CheemaAugust 4, 2018

Here’s Why Men Also Need To Be “Suggarh” Like Women

As women living in a desi culture, we’ve all been brought up with a very basic understanding – girls learn ...

FarwaJuly 16, 2018

5 “Buri Aadaten” That Can Ruin Even The Strongest Marriage

Open, honest and safe communication are the ingredients of any perfect relationship. Although no relationship is perfect; Every couple has ...

Sultana HaiderJuly 13, 2018

Dear Women, Choose A Better Medium For Venting Rather Than Facebook Groups

Since childhood, I have had lots of old elderly people around me. I grew up watching them closely and my ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 11, 2018

Sonali Bendre Gets Emotional During Her Haircut After Undergoing her Cancer Treatment

With tons of success stories of cancer survivors, we see people have an enormous amount of strength and some unimaginable faith! ...

AnonymousJune 5, 2018

An Unhappy Pakistani Husband Reveals The Truth About Family Politics And He’s So Right About Everything!

The politics that everyone suffers from, everyone experience but yet no one talks about is called ‘Family Politics’. This kind ...

AribaJune 4, 2018

This Guy Shares How His Mother’s Trying To Remarry After 13 Years But Her Family’s Against It

In a marriage, divorce is one alarming situation indeed but it is something which cannot be ignored and shouldn’t be ridiculed. ...

sarmadaliJune 3, 2018

Sharmila Farooqi’s Latest Picture With Her New Born Son Is Breaking The Internet

Sharmila Farooqi, a known political figure stayed tight-lipped about her pregnancy. However, after the birth of their son, her husband ...

Namrah MatloobMay 23, 2018

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Worried That I Am A Woman Without A Brother

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is those glances which used to pierce through my mother’s ‘No’ ...

Warda KhosoMay 5, 2018

Here’s How It Feels Like To Be A Liberal Girl In A “Khoso” Family!

I will forever be thankful to my parents for always giving me the best and raising me as their son, ...

Basit MiyanjiApril 25, 2018

Here are 4 Sassy Ways To Tackle Jealousy In Joint Family System

Jealousy is nothing but a kind of rays which emits when an insecure person sees someone better than him in any ...

Dua AqeelApril 3, 2018

An Open Letter to All Those Parents Who Are Going Through Marital Issues

Dear Parents (of children of any age), Children soak up everything they see, feel and hear. You may believe that ...

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