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Namrah MatloobMay 23, 2018

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Worried That I Am A Woman Without A Brother

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is those glances which used to pierce through my mother’s ‘No’ ...

Warda KhosoMay 5, 2018

Here’s How It Feels Like To Be A Liberal Girl In A “Khoso” Family!

I will forever be thankful to my parents for always giving me the best and raising me as their son, ...

Basit MiyanjiApril 25, 2018

Here are 4 Sassy Ways To Tackle Jealousy In Joint Family System

Jealousy is nothing but a kind of rays which emits when an insecure person sees someone better than him in any ...

Dua AqeelApril 3, 2018

An Open Letter to All Those Parents Who Are Going Through Marital Issues

Dear Parents (of children of any age), Children soak up everything they see, feel and hear. You may believe that ...

MariyaMarch 19, 2018

“Abbu, I will miss you”- A Heartfelt Letter to my Father In Jannah From a Daughter In Pardes!

Someone messaged me, “Aunty, Nana Abu Allah k Sachay Rastay per chalay gaiye,” I thought someone had sent this message ...

Burhan KhanFebruary 26, 2018

Story of a Mother Who Single-Handedly Supported Her Family to Provide them a Good Lifestyle

I was in 1st standard when my mother sent me to a tuition center where my cousin used to study. ...

Hina Brims IFebruary 17, 2018

This Mother has a Perfect Reply to all those who Ask “When are you going to have your second child?”

When are you having your second child? You just have a daughter my dear, when are you planning to have ...

Shumaila RaisFebruary 17, 2018

This Girl Beautifully Explains Why Marriage is Indeed a Blessing from Allah

When a girl comes into this world, her mother starts to save because one day, she has to say her ...

Esha KazmiFebruary 7, 2018

It’s Not Only Men Who Wear Capes Are Heroes But Women Too

This world has always given men a better place than women. People have always chosen men as a superior person ...

Hira HyderFebruary 4, 2018

Fatima Binte Muhammad (PBUH): Things You Should Know About The Lady Of Jannah

In remembrance of the Queen of Jannah, Fatima-Zahra on her tragic passing away. On the day of judgment when you ...

Myeda JawwadJanuary 29, 2018

How To Turn Your Saas Into Your Friend In These Simple Steps!

Yes, I am back with my new rant. But this time, it is not much of a rant but the ...

AnonymousJanuary 23, 2018

“The first time I experienced a man satisfying his thirst was when I was just 5” – Kids Are Not Safe Even At Their Homes

You talk about saving your kids from strangers and from child abuse, what about saving your kids and your little ...

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