Here’s Why People Need To Stop Taking Infertility As A Curse And Stop Questioning The Couple


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Infertility is not a self-proclaimed disease!

According to some studies, about 15% of the world’s couples suffer through infertility, which makes about 48.5 billion couples. And trust me, when I say infertility is not by choice, nobody chooses to become infertile. No matter how many technical advancements science has made for this issue, there is only so much the doctors can do too.

This article does not explain infertility and its types or its cure, the internet is already full of it. This article focuses on the trauma these 48.5 billion couples go through which includes the emotional torture, the mental abuse, the dying egos and the feeling of incompleteness.

Asking a newly wedded couple, every time you see them, about their family planning is just not decent. How much more education will we need to accept the fact that procreation is not controlled by humans? How many more miracles and examples will it take for us to realize that the poor couple cannot just do it?


Child conception and childbirth are already known as a miraculous phenomenon that almost every couple experiences. But some chosen ones suffer through the rejection of receiving this beautiful miracle of God, and to top that they receive the rejection from us! Let me walk you through their struggles. It starts with anxiety, every day, every month the hope of conception keeps the couple anxious all the time. Then a heartbreak, strong enough to be felt physically, of not have conceived that month.

This is followed by taunting remarks of friends and foes, they say and I quote, “Hey why haven’t you guys conceived yet? It has become so easy nowadays; there are plenty of treatments available.” After such remarks, the couple decides to go for a treatment. The couple goes through hundreds of test costing them their life savings and pain just to figure out WHY can’t they fall pregnant like that 16-year-old who got pregnant the first time she had unprotected intercourse.

Source: Harvard Health

The treatments usually start with hormonal medicines and injections which have immense side effects such as depression, weight gain, hair loss and bloating being at the top. Then, they go for assisted procedures like Intrauterine Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and many more. These are carried along with tons of medication and tests running simultaneously.

I don’t have words to justify the amount of exhaustion these procedures cause but just imagine visiting the doctors every day, take loans from banks for treatments, have the doctors carry out extremely painful procedures on you and then at the end of the month have the doctors tell you that “You are not pregnant!”


Not to forget this cycle is tried for about 5 to 10 years almost every month unless the couple actually gives up. And after giving up, they are looked upon as shame. They are used as a bad example; they are not respected as human beings as if it was entirely their fault.

I repeat, my following readers, that infertility is not their fault. They aren’t infertile because they are bad humans, or that they would make terrible parents, they are infertile because that’s their destiny!

Let us appreciate and acknowledge the struggles of an infertile couple and show them some empathy, from what I know they are totally damaged from the inside. Be the healer, not the wound!

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