An Inspiring Pakistani Woman Breaking Stereotypes|


Meet Hira Uzair - An Inspiring Pakistani Woman Breaking Stereotypes Who Brings Her Baby To Work Every Single Day

Meet Hira Uzair – An Inspiring Pakistani Woman Breaking Stereotypes Who Brings Her Baby To Work Every Single Day!


In Pakistan, women are often held back from stepping into the corporate world because of our patriarchal society. Despite women being highly educated and skilled, they’re pushed back after their marriage to take care of the household, in-laws and children because apparently, that’s what women are best at doing, right? Wrong. Things are changing in Pakistan!

Working women have always been underestimated and said to excel at either of the two things; managing the household or working in the corporate world. But nowadays, women are proving themselves to be capable of handling much more than one has expected. However, what many have failed to realize is that, nowadays, women can do every from working, taking care of the house, looking after their children and what not.

We recently came across an inspirational story of a Pakistani mom and you need to learn more about her. This army officer’s wife who’s a mommy and a high-strung working woman is giving proving to be highly inspiring for the rest!

Three and half years into marriage and two beautiful daughters, Hira decided she needed to give her career a kick start and wanted to do something that would make a great impact. Hira stands with all the working moms and also the ones who are stay-at-home-moms. Here’s what she had to say:

“I realize that working may not always be a choice. For some of you, it might be and I hold immense respect for that. But women should be allowed to have a career and a family, both, right? There’s no shame in that at all, Mommy. But I also know that many of you working moms did not choose to work but have to. While organizations can mercilessly give you Mom-Guilt, (It IS an actual thing, yes) because of their working hours and strict environment, I was genuinely terrified of how I would manage my kids and work together. Will I neglect their needs? Will I be able to be there for their special occasions? I skipped from once pool of scary possibilities to another.”


However, after much brainstorming and having late night sessions with herself, Hira decided she wanted to teach. Why teach, you may ask? For Hira,  this word was very precious as she’s had amazing teachers in her student life. Being an army officer’s wife, her husband was posted in Abbottabad and after some recce, they got to know of Roots Millennium Schools and she was resolute that this was the place to start. And well, this was the best decision she had ever made.

Hira has now been associated with one of the most progressive school systems of Pakistan – Roots Millennium Schools for seven years now. After knowing she was expecting her third child, she had left for maternity leave. Once she delivered her baby, it was time for her to join back and decided to bring her baby to work!

Roots Millennium School has been nothing but a blessing for mommies!

Roots Millennium Schools house the largest number of working women in Pakistan, being the only institute that provides numerous benefits for women. It accommodates women with paid maternity leave, daycare, a baby room and even lesser workload after they are back with their babies. The Millennium Education caters to all the basic needs of a working woman.

Not only this, the teachers in TME are trained tirelessly and are given international certifications, making them more substantial and better equipped. Here, at no point does learning stop! The inspirational and globally celebrated founder & CEO of Roots Millennium Education, Pakistan, Sir Faisal Mushtaq says, The very heart of our culture at a workplace are women and children; not only we shape their careers, we also teach women and children through our classrooms and curriculum choices.”


Hira is ecstatic and amazed to have worked with such supportive school admin, helpful colleagues, absolutely loveable students, workload that required extreme time-management, a well-settled daughter, brilliant teachers. Despite her husband’s postings from city to city, The Millennium Education has had Hira so committed to her work that even without a moment of consideration toward other options, she chose to stay associated to ROOTS with endless and genuine dedication. Hira further adds that Roots Millennium Schools have fostered her like a home – accommodating her with endless support and an amazing working environment.

Hira concludes her experience by saying:

“Now that I bring my baby to this warm, welcoming space filled with love and care – the baby blues gone, purpose restored, life back on track, gratitude towards the organization I work for is all I feel. Working mommies, you’re building a world for your babies. You’re carving who they become by showing them that it is possible to have it all – that, while it may seem difficult and sometimes absolutely impossible, you can balance work and family, provided you’re in the right workplace. You’re a world builder. Don’t let a workplace take that away from you.”

Hira further advises all the moms to not let the mom-guilt hit them and if they’re looking for opportunities where they can take their babies with them, it’s time they with  The Millennium Education and Bring Your Own Baby!

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