Does life really Change After Marriage or it’s just something Society tells us about?


You get too used to of your single life and then suddenly the ”I” becomes ”We”. Now you have to care about two people and not just for yourself. As it’s said that when a person gets into the bounds of marriage, everything changes; the address, female’s last name (which now is optional). Right before marriage, people start giving you life tips and marriage advice, telling you that you have to be the backbone and make it work no matter what, although sometimes you don’t understand why they are making it such a big deal, until you do get into the bounds of marriage and realize it’s up to you to either live a completely different life or you can go with the flow and let it be as it is with few compulsory changes…

10 reasons why married life is a great life that no one has to have a fright about along with having some surprising changes…

1. Sense of security; mentally, emotionally and financially


Earnings increase. If both of you are workaholics. Studies show that married men and women are a boost to your earnings.  Some estimates show that married men make 40% more than comparable single men. Along with always knowing there’s a person you can turn to for comfort, safety, and wellbeing. Even if you have to vent to at the end of the day.

2. Chores get balanced


Either it’s the typical thing that a woman cooks and man does the outside work or both equally doing the house and outside chores. It’s a relieve nonetheless. Or if one person can’t give their 100% one day, the other meets you half way and makes it okay for another day to get by.

3. You family and friends circle


Although this somewhat depends on you as well if it’s about friends, you sort of become picky with friends but stuck with family. Although at times it’s an overwhelming feeling to have so many new members added to the family at the same time you welcome it and end up liking each and every person. It gives you a new sense of commitment. You however at times go to gathering together and if your partner does not like anyone of your friends, well that has to be followed by a discussion at the dinner table.

4. Managing time


Although it seems like the article is for newlyweds and yes, you newlyweds can have some insight into how it’s likely to be, however, the ones who have kids knooow how important and tough managing time is. Some pro at it, some struggling to keep that balance of giving everyone the time and attention of the day. If both of you work then you can have a whole calculated time set to give each other for the entire day and be mature about it.

5. How you see yourself

shinamissstothea – blogger

Although it seems like your marriage defines you now. How you see yourself matters a lot. Transformation can be profound. When you have shared goals, and you strive together to reach them. When you create and strive for goals individually, you experience great growth. When you do them as a couple, you experience extreme growth. So, as much time you give to your significant other, also give time to yourself and focus on your own well being and success simultaneously.

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