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Pakistan Badminton Star Mahoor Shahzad Earns Spot In Tokyo Olympics


The Pakistan Badminton Federation confirmed that Mahoor Shahzad has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first Pakistani badminton player to qualify. The 24-year-old has once again made her country proud!

The Pakistan Olympic Association and Pakistan Badminton Federation wished her luck for the international sporting event. In addition to congratulating Shahzad on attending the Olympics, POA President Syed Arif Hassan emphasized that she is Pakistan’s top badminton player and is rapidly improving her world rankings. “She deserves to participate in the Olympics,” he said.

Image: Twitter

Shahzad is ranked amongst the top 133 women players in the world. She became the first-ever Pakistani woman to reach such a high ranking around the globe in 2019. Moreover, this girl has been the National Badminton Champion of Pakistan for 5 consecutive years.

With her recent performances on the circuit and her international ranking, the badminton champion earned a place at the Tokyo Olympics. It must be noted that this is the first time a Pakistani woman has been given an invitational place on the Olympics considering her international status and ranking. Taking to Twitter, Shahzad announced the big news.

‘A dream has certainly come true’

“Alhumdulillah, I have been selected for Tokyo Olympics 2020. This is a great accomplishment for Pakistan as I am the first Pakistani Badminton player to qualify for the Olympics. I am really thankful to all of you for your prayers and support,” wrote Shahzad. 

Aiming to represent Pakistan in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, Shahzad has made her country proud yet again. Earlier, following her globally recognized victory, Shahzad paid her gratitude to Pakistanis. She mentioned that it would never have been possible for her to come this far in her journey without their support.

Image: Twitter

It is pertinent to mention that this is not the first time the badminton player has made Pakistan proud with her achievements. There have been many more instances. Nevertheless, Shahzad aspires to inspire females from all around Pakistan that they should strive to live their dreams. Like her, women must pursue their careers in sports.

The overwhelming success of Pakistani women in all areas is a source of great pride. Pakistani women have proven to possess intelligence in all fields – academics, visual arts, STEM, and sports.

Meanwhile, this young achiever has a lot more to learn and achieve. More so, judging by her ambitions and determination, Shahzad is unlikely to slow down despite the challenges she faces. Her best wishes are for her to accomplish all that she sets her mind to. Our congratulations go out to her and we wish her a very bright future. Bravo!

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