Neelam Muneer Reveals Embarrassing Truth Behind Her Viral Dance Video

Neelam Muneer Reveals Embarrassing Truth Behind Her Viral Dance Video


The all-time favorite national crush and actress Neelam Muneer has fans not only in Pakistan but across the border as well. Her latest drama, Dil Mom Ka Diya did all rounds in the entertainment industry and people are absolutely in love with her flawless acting skills!

Recently,  the young Pakistani beauty who has been making waves with her brilliant acting career is yet again the target of social media trolls.

Since Neelam Muneer’s dancing in-car video went viral, everyone wants to know one thing only. Who leaked it?

As the video seems quite personal and the actress didn’t share it herself, then who did? Many thought it was the doing of a makeup artist or crew member.

‘I lost my memory for 2 days!’

But Neelam has finally opened up about her cringe filled experience when she realized the video is all over their internet!

During a talk show, Neelam was showed the infamous video and asked how she felt after it spread like wildfire.

On which Neelam said, “It was such an embarrassing experience for me. This video was made by a friend of mine and we were just goofing around in the car like friends do.”

After the video was leaked and went viral, Neelam unaware of the whole incident headed towards the airport where she attracted a lot of weird looks.

“Everyone was staring weirdly at me and some were watching something on their phones. When I had boarded the flight I came to know about the video and I haven’t been so embarrassed in my life! I think I lost my memory for 2 days!”

Watch the Video here:

“Many times we friends make such videos and share with each other on Whatsapp. Never has a video been leaked only this one had to be it”, she added.

I still don’t know who leaked it she said disapprovingly.

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