This Pakistani Blogger Dared To Ask Mira Sethi That ONE Question And Her Response Was Unexpected!


This Pakistani Blogger Dared To Ask Mira Sethi That ONE Question And Her Response Was Unexpected!


Mira Sethi is very pretty and petite – no doubt about that and where half the world dies over Deepika’s body, we drool over Mira’s! Damn! Eseciallay when she wears a saari  – Ohhh maa haart! Do ya feel me?

She sure doesn’t need any introduction but how many of you guys know that apart from being an amazing actor, she is a literature graduate? This one time, her commencement speech at Wellesley College got so famous she got graduated from the same college in 2010. Also, she was the first Pakistani to have this privilege and she spent her junior year in Oxford. Jee haan, Mira has achieved many milestones than the majority of people know.

Mira actually belong to a family of some very talented people! Ali Sethi, Najam Sethi and her mom Jugnu Sethi. Need no introduction or any exaggeration, everyone in their respective fields has done marvels.

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So, this beautiful damsel just announced her engagement and internet went craaazzzyyy!

She and her husband-to-be are super adorable. They know each other from childhood but they knew each other like “family friends”. But it was just in right time when they started hanging out and both of them clicked. They both saw that how they perfectly fit each other – like one piece of the puzzle fits another. Two imperfects molding into making one perfect!

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In the spring of 2017, a tall, funny, curly-haired dude walked into my life. I'd known this curly-haired dude all my life — in the way you know your parents' friends' kids — but we'd never sought each other out. (Weirdly enough, Bilal and I overlapped at Oxford in 2008—he was doing his PhD, I was spending my junior year abroad. But we never looked each other up, never bumped into each other in that tiny cobbled town.) ⁣ ⁣ Almost a decade later, we met in Lahore on a warm February evening. We vaguely agreed to meet for dinner sometime. ⁣ ⁣ A few days later we were at Spice Bazaar, and it was suddenly cold again. Bilal asked what I'd been upto: he nodded across the table and asked gentle, probing questions. Lots of questions. In between licking mutton kunna gravy from my fingers, I found myself answering his questions with an openness and ease I hadn't encountered in myself in a long time. Later, we sat in the garden of my house and played with Max. My brother joined us. The three of us talked. Bilal dug his hand inside Max's mouth and pulled out a sharp branch. Max was all over him.⁣ ⁣ A few days later Bilal lost his mother to pneumonia (she'd had Parkinsons for a decade), and it was a wrenching, difficult time. Bilal and I would text. Talk about light stuff. He used the heart emoji unselfconsciously, as a friend might. The conversations veered from TV shows to politics to "plan for the day?" The few times we met before he left for DC, he talked openly about his regrets and hopes and dreams. Sitting across from him in Cosa Nostra, this time not very hungry because my body was clenched with affection and interest, I listened. He was warm and funny and brilliant. That night, I curled up next to him and we watched a show on Netflix. ⁣ ⁣ The next year was a whirlwind. We travelled together to Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Islamabad, Reno, San Francisco. We went to a festival in the desert and slept under the stars. We danced to really bad music. We biked across the desert at night, our cycles glowing with fairylights. Bilal biked ahead so I could follow him. *continued in comments* ⁣

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People, after reading her story of how she met the love of her life, made some memes from the most “romantics moments” that she described in her post!



Mira replied to all the memes and said she loved all of them!

But guess, what?! It doesn’t end here! Soha, from team Parhlo met Mira anddd….

Ohhh! Yeessss. She asked her the BIG question!

We too, mayynn! All love

Hahaha, is it cold enough as Skardu?!

Ohh maaa gaaadd?!

Oh, we just love Mira. Is there anyone who could possibly not like Mira? Not possible bro. But her “Thand lag rahi hai” thing is sure a national catchphrase now. 😉

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