Noor Hassan And Sanam Chauhdry FINALLY Open Up About Their Relationship!


In the film industry, like any other workspace where people work and meet, this industry too has seen people meeting and becoming good friends. Some have turned this friendship into a relationship of love and eternal bond. To name a few Aiza Khan and Danish Taimoor, Saira and Shehroze Sabzwari also Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan. They all were really good friends before they became couples. But hey, they look super cute and adorable plus they share a bond that not many people have. What on earth could be better than marrying the person who’s also your best friend?! Matlab, all in one! No?

There is another duo who’s under the same suspicion. If you are a Pakistani and you happen to watch TV, then you must know who Sanam Chauhdry and Noor Hassan are. They both are a beautiful on-screen couple and they havee done tons of dramas together.

We know you’d agree that they look AWESOME together!

Sending love your way Lucky and Chandni from @jackpotofficial2017 ?♥️?

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Just look at them. Happy people!

Jackpot diaries !☔️ @inoorhassan @jackpotofficial2017

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And they compliment each other 😉

BUT!!! This has shocked most of us. Why? Becuase Noor and Sanam had to say something about their relationship. What is it? See.

Noor said that they are NOT a couple. OKAY? So, they are best friends and that is totally unacceptable in our culture. LOL! Yeah! Larka aur larki dost? No no! That can’t be true. Well, please. Let’s change this mindset. They look good together, share a beautiful bond and celebrate each other’s success because they are friends and that’s what friends are supposed to do. Such friendships are worth dying for!

They are living this friendship to the fullest and it’s the best feeling in the world

Thankyou everyone for your beautiful reviews about jackpot !! ♥️

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Okay, boys! Let’s admit that two good friends can co-exist without getting married. Noor has said this out loud and clear. Let them breathe now. They are human too! Let them have their good time and not be the suspicious phupho who is predicting the non-existant truth. Okay?

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