Shazia Marri's Political Journey, Cultural Vision, and the Happiness of Resembling Anushka Sharma

Shazia Marri: Political and Cultural Vision: Resembling Anushka Sharma’s joy


Pakistani political leader Shazia Marri, in an exclusive interview, shared insights into her political journey and cultural aspirations. She expressed appreciation for the compliments comparing her to Indian actress Anushka Sharma, stating that it makes her feel good.

Discussing her vision for the film industry, Marri stressed the importance of bringing new life and creating purposeful films if allowed to lead the culture ministry. Reflecting on her career, she highlighted her beginnings as a schoolteacher and her passion for teaching children.

Marri, known for her commitment to social issues, particularly against domestic violence and child marriages, addressed questions about Karachi’s street crimes, acknowledging the challenges and highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions.

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In the interview, Marri compared politics to a “garland of thorns,” acknowledging the obstacles and opposition she faced. Despite challenges and attempts to break her, she remained determined, recalling her entry into politics inspired by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

Having contested and won a general seat from Sanghar, Marri made history by serving as both a provincial and federal minister. She also discussed her role in hosting a television show while being a member of the provincial assembly.

In a separate report, it was highlighted that Shazia Marri, the Federal Minister for the Benazir Income Support Programme, revealed her happiness at being compared to Anushka Sharma. Acknowledging her 22-year journey in politics, Marri expressed happiness at the compliment and discussed her plans for the film industry if allowed to lead the culture ministry in the future.

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