These Women are Spreading the Message Body Positivity for all the Right Reasons


These Women are Spreading the Message Body Positivity for all the Right Reasons

In a world were a vast majority is diagnosed with mental illness and depression. And world health organisations are worried about the millennials generation’s mental health. There were many things which caused youth to get into low-self esteem and low confidence.
Few of the things are magazines and social media benchmarking body sizes and colours. Not just that but they have went as far to put racial barriers in the campings they run. An African as a slave and a Asian an a maid. Now imagine a kid growing to up see all this. A girl’s confidence is shattered when she’s made to realise that her body and her skin colour (by no fault of her own) doesn’t match the set “rules” of our society!

Here are these women who are breaking all the stereotypes with all the beauty they have!

1. Aashna Bhagwani

Curvy girl who is not going to let anyone’s nasty comment sit in her mind!

What a Queen!

2. Clémentine Desseaux

Yes she’s a model! Any problem?

3.Denise Bidot

And she’s a mom too! watch out.


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4. Nidhi Sunil

Dusky people have a charm of their own! Something matchless

5. Harnam Kaur

As a self made, strong, empowered, Turban and bearded, multifaceted woman of colour. I AM PROUD OF ALL OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS! ❤️🌸🙌🏾 Becoming a Guinness world record holder for me was life changing! I now have a record for something that I was bullied for. I am the Youngest woman with a full Beard! For something that I was once bullied for having, I now hold a world renown record for. This goes to show that you can achieve anything and everything that you wish to once you are authentically and unashamedly yourself. Don’t be ashamed of who you are and the way in which your body is forming. The greatest love story that you can tell, is the one where in which you describe yourself in the most compassionate way. We all have elements and characteristics inside of us that society needs for it to be vibrant. Never dim your light, you are needed! Thank you @guinnessworldrecords for your support! Happy International Women’s day my beautiful people!

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Oh! FYI. She’s youngest girl to have a full grown beard

Haven’t seen myself in a while Sometimes it’s hard to wake up. I can feel my face fold when I smile Tired hands put on my make up. Just a method actress playing on my mattress, Remembering what I know. Just another day for me to try and practice, Being your freak show. I’m mad and I’m sad, Too quiet too loud. Scandalous and not scared, I’m bad and I’m proud. I’m mad and I’m sad, I said it aloud! Sacred and not afraid, I’m bad and I’m proud! White man’s lust never paid my rent, Another day, another dad. Now it’s time to repent, I’m the best you’ve ever had! This is my skin light-filled brown and I’m not sorry, Baby, all I did was sit. You don’t know if you want to fuck me or destroy me, I’ll be your freak show for a bit! @workinhardmummy

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Do you know any other women who are breaking the stereotype and shinnig like a bright diamond? Tag the most bad ass women you know. Let her know that you love her for not letting others take over her! Cheers! 😉

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