This Girl Shares How Her Things Got Stolen From The Hospital While She Was Being Treated


The cases of street crime and public theft are nothing new to anyone here. But there have been times when you hear something where the thief has left people in a state of surprise by the act. Why? Because it’s surprising to witness how people’s minds work in the matters of theft and crime – It is simply beyond belief!

This woman’s bag was stolen in the hospital while she was having an IV drip. Not just that, but the bag was stolen very cleverly. She was carrying her ATM cards, NIC, passport, university ID card and some gold jewelry as well. She was being treated at Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore! The woman who stole the bag was all covered and was totally unrecognizable.

There is a reason WHY the theft is called clever! Watch the video.

Later when she asked the authorities to take some action and take accountability of the theft that happened. The authorities of the hospital turned the allegation on the victim saying it was her scam to bring the name of hospital down.

Here’s what she tweeted:

After the lady was accused of stealing her own bag she did not get anything. All the belongings were lost for once and all.


She lost her valuables worth 40-45k of! She kept asking the hospital to take accountability for this act but she did not get a positive response at all from the management. Let’s hope that the hospital may get some information about the thief and the victim get’s hold of her belongings!

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