Why Don't Women Don't Support Their Clan When It Comes To Harassment?


Why Don’t Women Don’t Support Their Clan When It Comes To Harassment?


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Walking down a dark alley, a strong force on her right posterior made her skip three consecutive steps. For a second she was puzzled. Rolling back a couple of minutes, the weather seemed pleasant for a quick stroll.

This is a very typical scenario that we all hear or encounter in our day to day lives. This is not even something indifferent to thousands of articles dealing with the ideology of harassment.

Merely a ten lettered word, chunked up as Har-Ass-Ment explains the basics. I sometimes fail to realize what sort of mentality exists in our community that men are compelled to conduct such an inappropriate act. This was initially restricted to darker paths but these days it is practiced as a ritual in all the crowded places. No matter what age group you belong to, as long as you live up-to-the physical criteria of being a woman, there is no escaping.

Source: ProPakistani

Living in a society where male members are always looked up as the superior beings, most women are oppressed. They do not get the basic necessities let alone given the right to put an allegation for any sort of harassment. This excludes a bare minimum percentage of males who are brought up by fine women. The female is really who makes all the difference.

Source: Women Awakening

It all starts with the upbringing of a child in two distinct manners. What is promoted in our society is for the males to act above all and for the girls to remain silent throughout their lives? This is where everything needs to change. The access to respect should be available despite gender discrimination.

There are thousands of girls who have had a horrible incident of being touched at inappropriate places without their consent and this certainly is additional to the ones who are reported cases of rape. What is the major challenge here why wouldn’t women support their own clan? The filthy minded men will keep on doing this unless we act as women’s rights activist on a personal level trying to educate ourselves in an attempt to create a safe environment for our girls.

And yes, HER-Ass-meant a change for uplifting our morals. It is the same color textured piece of muscle that you have and I do too. So why scar an innocent soul?

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