Zara Noor Reveals Details About Her Past In A Recent Ted Talk And It Is Shocking


Zara Noor Abbas’s wedding was the biggest thing after Pakistanis were drooling over Anushka’s. Zara and Abbas Siddiqui got married last year and boi, oh boi, they were the best looking couple! The chemistry they both share is just incredible. It would be an understatement to call them couple goals but the relationship, love, friendship goals; Woah! They share a lovely bond and are very adorable.

Zara comes from a family where her mother and her aunt already have a big name in the entertainment industry to which people usually labelled her as “parchi”. They said that Zara didn’t have to do hustle to get into the field and receive good projects. But that’s not the reality. Zara shared her reality in a recent Ted Talk at GCU Lahore and here’s what she had to say:

Zara was a middle-class girl who grew up like any normal Pakistani girl

When you are going crazy with all the morning shooting drills. #Khamoshi ?

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Zara shared her story of how she enjoyed acting from childhood. The storytelling and role play in childhood was something that fascinated her the most. Growing up, in high school, she made sure to participate in every play/drama to test out the actress in her. But when she was offered a really good project which was to be shot in Iran, her father and brother refused to work alongside men.

Here’s the complete video of how her moving decision changed her life

And she revealed everything about her past…

In the search of her chance to get into acting, she somehow managed to get married in the US where she was allowed to enroll herself at the New York Film Academy by her husband. Few months after her marriage, she realized that the reason for her marriage and the purpose for which she went to the U.S, was not what she had expected. She then took a divorce from her husband and moved to Pakistan and found out that her mother had been diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.

Zara was shocked to face all this at once and couldn’t fathom her thoughts and locked herself in a room for 3 days. She walked out of the room on the 3rd day without knowing she would meet Asad Siddiqui.

Getting married to Asad brought about a major change in her life!

Come back already!! @asadsidofficial ???????????

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There’s no doubt about the fact that Zara seems more happier after meeting Asad. They both compliment each other and now she’s happier than she was ever before. More power to you, girl! May the winds be with you always.

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