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These 20 Women From Pakistan Are Breaking More Stereotypes Than You Can Imagine - Parhlo.com

These 20 Women From Pakistan Are Breaking More Stereotypes Than You Can Imagine!


1. Namira Salim

First Pakistani woman to have reached the North and South Pole. She is also the first Asian and first Pakistani to skydive over Mount Everest but best of all, Namira is the first Pakistani woman to travel into space

“I am a firm believer in destiny and therefore, nothing deters me in the face of danger.” she said. Namira Salim is a Pakistani explorer and artist. She is the first Pakistani to have reached the North Pole in April 2007 and the South Pole in January 2008. She was a Pakistani National who became the first Asian to Skydive Everest as part of the “First Everest Skydive 2008.” Not only did a select few dive from an altitude above Mount Everest, 29,480 feet, she also made history as the first jumpers ever to skydive from the roof of the world.She was feted for her groundbreaking achievements by President Zardari, who awarded her the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for excellence in sports. #mountains #national #geographic #world #astronomy #mteverest #skydive #skydiving #paragliding #explorer #explorepk#biography #autobiography #world #pakistan #strength #destiny #hardwork #determination #womenempowerment #feminism #strongwomen #faith #instagood

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2. Ayesha Farooq

This 26-year-old is Pakistan’s first ever war-ready female fighter pilot from Bahawalpur.

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 3. Mukhtaran Mai

Stood up against the oppression of women and honor killing. A rape victim who became a pillar of strength for women all over Pakistan.

In 2002, Mukhtar Mai, a rural Pakistani woman from a remote part of the Punjab, was gang-raped by order of her tribal council as punishment for her younger brother’s alleged relationship with a woman from another clan. Instead of committing suicide or living in shame, she fought for justice in the Pakistani courts—making world headlines. Further defying custom, she started two schools for girls in her village and a crisis center for abused women. Mukhtar, realized that only a change in mentality could break brutal, archaic traditions and social codes. Her story was the subject of Mukhtar’s own memoir, “In the Name of Honor”. #rape #assault #harassment #brutality #cruelty #women #safety #molestation #suicide #shame#biography #autobiography #world #pakistan #strength #destiny #hardwork #determination #womenempowerment #feminism #strongwomen #faith #instagood

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4. Muniba Mazari

She is a writer and motivational speaker. She is wheel-chair bound due to a car accident at the age of 21, however, she did not let that stop her, she is also a singer, activist, and a motivational speaker…

5. Zahra Afridi

This hard-core Interior Designer runs her own company with her latest project being the Classic Rock Coffee Café in Islamabad. She also happens to have kickboxing training, which is a very unconventional field for Pakistani women to be in. Are all the Afridis this talented?

Source: Zohra Bensemra
Source: Zohra Bensemra
Source: Zohra Bensemra

6. Sana Mir

Pakistan’s Women’s National Cricket Team Captain. She gave up her admission to an engineering degree to pursue this passion.

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7. Samina Baig

First Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest, she is also the youngest Muslim ever to climb Everest and the Seven Summits.

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8. Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza

The mother-daughter duo responsible for managing ‘So Kamal’ Textile retail brand in Faisalabad and Karachi

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Source: Zohra Bensemra
Source: Zohra Bensemra

9. Zainab Abbas

Runs her own Fitness studio in Lahore after getting training from Bangkok

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10. Ansa Hasan

Marketing Manager at Porsche Pakistan

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11. Nazia Parveen

Rock Climber from FATA, Nazia Parveen doesn’t believe in giving up dreams.

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 12. Fatima Kasuri

Educationalist and Model – Former CEO of Premier DLC, a subsidiary of Beaconhouse and now enjoys a successful career in modeling.

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13. Naadiya Manzur

Director of Treehouse Nursery and Kindergarten, Naadiya Manzur is a visionary.

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With an unconventional setup and choice of subjects and skills being taught at this nursery

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14. Saba Gul

Founder of “Popinjay”  which is a non-profit organization that works with artisans in Pakistan to produce handmade and high-quality handbags.

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15. Sheba Najmi

She is working on an app which will connect the government and citizens directly, “I want to put forth this idea of Gov 2.0 which has caught on all over the world; which is to use apps and data to reframe the relationship between local government and citizens.”

Source: arynews.tv

16. Sophia Hasnain

She has considerable experience in telecommunications and innovative Internet technology. She is currently working as a Trends and Transformations Consultant and has previously worked for Telenor in Pakistan and is considered one of Pakistan’s most innovative businesswomen.

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17. Mehak Gul

Mehak Gul started playing chess at the tender age of six and now at 14, she is an internationally renowned chess player.

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18. Sabia Abbat

One of the best cyclists in Pakistan, she has won the National Cycling Championship of Pakistan and will be representing the nation in the South Asian games.

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19. Rosheen Khan

First Pakistani Muslim female master scuba diver and the only Nitrox certified diving instructor in Pakistan

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20. Naiza Khan

Naiza’s visual art has gotten her the coveted “Prince Claus” award which is given to those individuals whose efforts have a positive impact on their society.

Source: artasiapacific.com

These women are making a name for themselves and making us proud all the while. More power to you.

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