AC Peshawar Broke All Stereotypes Taking Her 5-Month-Old Baby To Work And We Salute Her Motherhood!


AC Peshawar Broke All Stereotypes Taking Her 5-Month-Old Baby To Work And We Salute Her Motherhood!


When it comes to patriarchy, Pakistan still might be the only country where the phenomenon runs rampant. Gender inequality is not a myth anymore, but women from around the country are giving their 100% to break all stereotypes and claim their space.

Bureaucracy, the most prestigious cadre of work in Pakistan, has for too long, been dominated by men. However, in the last decade or so, some sensational women have shown up and taken the reins of running the government in their hands.


One such woman caught the country’s attention recently when she decided to break all patriarchal stereotypes that prevail in our society and kept her family first, while also giving the same importance to duty.

The Additional Assistant Commissioner of Peshawar, Sara Tawab, who made her way into bureaucracy by clearing the toughest exam of the country, caught everyone’s attention when she was pictured with her little child Urwa, who is only 5-months old.

The rigorous Anti-Encroachment Campaign going on in Peshawar district against price hikes and working on government lands saw Sara Tawab go from street to street, shop to shop, all whilst she carried her infant in her arms.


The female Assistant Commissioner had shopkeeper who had broken government rules in large numbers and paid the exact same amount of attention to her child, who lingered on with her wherever she went.

This courageous, awe-inspiring and heart-warming act of hers has gone very popular with the people of Peshawar and the rest of the country. The work of bureaucrats on-field is very dangerous and difficult, which requires extensive security measures and wearing your heart on your sleeve. For a young woman to carry her infant child on the streets causing much hue and cry is indeed a courageous act.


The incident further proves that Pakistani women are sources to be reckoned with. They can be good housewives and mothers but at the same time they can be the executing authority in the most prestigious institutions and for them, both duties carry equal importance and Sara Tawab is the prime example of this fact.

Everywhere the lady Assistant Commissioner went holding her baby in her arms, people started clapping for her, making her realize that she was doing the noblest of deeds, which was performing the act of motherhood without any hindrances.  People on social media lauded Sara Tawab for her act, stating that she was protecting us and her child both at the same times.

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