Author: Muniza

MunizaApril 24, 2019

Ever Wondered How Mahira Khan Would Look As Mouth-Watering Mithai? This Girl Found Out For All Of Us!

Leave it to a Pakistani to associate anything and everything with food. We are proud foodies and take pride in ...

MunizaApril 23, 2019

Actress Iqra Aziz Shared A Heartfelt Message For Her Mother And Uff, We’re Not Crying, You Are!

Iqra Aziz the Suno Chanda Star who is currently making waves in the drama industry with her role as Noori ...

MunizaApril 21, 2019

We Asked Pakistanis The Most Romantic Thing They’ve Ever Done For Their Partner And Haye, Allah!

Let’s talk about romance and set things straight. Romance is not just gaudy expression of love and only those special ...

MunizaApril 19, 2019

Zara Peerzada Is Fed-Up Of People Asking About Her ‘Shaadi’ And She Just Gave A Perfect Shut Up Call!

Desis are back at it again with the marriage questions and along with thousands of unmarried women, Zara Peerzada too ...

MunizaApril 18, 2019

This Girl And Her Sister Went Through Hell In Lahore’s Solis Festival When 30 Men Harassed Them In Public!

On April 13th a young woman attended the Solis Festival in Lahore which is a music and arts festival held ...

MunizaMarch 25, 2019

10 Types Of Relatives That Are Bound To Exist In A Big Desi Family And Are Absolute “Sar Ka Dard”

We Pakistanis have big families and we are proud of it. Not only you get tons of doting grandparents but ...

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